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The question I didn’t see addressed is why did Ray Tanner leave after 9 years? Was it lack of training facilities? Was it salary? Answers here would give us something to look at besides the W/L.

Doeren took Debbie Yow out to watch a practice in a cold, driving rain. The wind inverted her umbrella. Doeren asked her how she thought we would do if we had some recruits on official visits. The IPF got moved up from 6th on the priority list to 2nd behind Reynolds.

You can’t work with hitters without indoor batting cages and pitchers without indoor places to pitch, etc. Are the practice facilities sufficient to entice a good, new baseball coach or NC State a death wish for bright, young baseball coaches? Is Avent the best we can do with the baseball practice facilities we have and the salary we are willing to pay?

I’m not for keeping Avent. I just wanted to get real with the options we have.

It’s as if we prioritized our sports and mens Basketball was #1, Football #3 and baseball will be will be somewhere after that. (#2 Reynolds was a multi-sport deal)