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Those schemes are set up to make sure the University has plausible deniability. Only the most egregious and systemic cheaters (like UNC with their dental school, or Southern California with Carroll) are doing it in such a way that the larger university can get implicated.

DSJ getting paid had a lot of rumblings……………….. I was hoping it was related to his surgery.

The “we didn’t know” defense is pretty weak. When you hire the Gott and he hires assistants who are “recruiters” then you know what you are getting. When you have to work to get marginal kids cleared every year for a variety of reasons, then there are questions that need to be asked. When you allow Harrick to be anywhere near your program, you are playing with fire. When your coach is directly recruiting against one of the dirtiest programs around and is trying for the same guys, then you probably need to ask questions. When one of your targeted recruits is dumb enough to tweetspublicly that basketball is a business, you’ve got to wonder what kind of kids are being targeted. When you hire a coach and he “brings a recruit” in a “package deal” you have to question why there’s such loyalty of a player to a random assistant.

There were a series of very bad decisions made with respect to the men’s basketball program and they started with “an email” and a knee jerk signing of a TV announcer fired in disgrace from his alma mater………