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Thanks again VaWolf. I look forward every week for your write up and you don’t disappoint.

I think you are right about the need to take into account the out of conference schedule being weak. It is concerning, maybe needed for the coach to get his system in place, but now there is pressure on the Pack to win. I am ok with that. I want the Pack to win too. I understand the quadrants but I hope the committee also notices the high number of quality wins. To me beating the number 2 team in the country twice is more than just a quadrant one win. But what do I know?

I will project into the future a little. What might be a reasonable number of wins in the last half of the conference schedule given that the first half was harder and one more home game in the 2nd half than in the 1st half. I think going 6-3 is not unreasonable. Yeah well what about NC State $#%@ (stuff). I would say that some of that has already happened and we are still 5-4 through the toughest part of the ACC schedule.

Are we there yet. Of course not. I feel the need to say it because of the past and sure Murphy and his law are still around sometimes in the form of zebra’s but I am cautiously optimistic based on performance.

Of course the ACC tourney is still there too.