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VaWolf !!!

Thank’s the time and effort you put into your analysis and report — that wasn’t a 5-minute job…
Your numbers don’t lie and just as important, they don’t contradict the ‘eye-ball tests’ to date…

PATIENCE is the key word for this season, unfortunately…


As for A.Freeman… and the associated criticisms… imo, it’s more a matter of ‘energy’ filling a ‘vacuum’, than ‘attitude’.

The way to ‘fix’ that is to ‘fix’ the ‘vacuum’ side of the equation, not the ‘energy’ side…


As for Markel… we probably ought to quit moping about that — someone will invariably confuse us with ‘whiners’….


Tonight against ND could be an interesting game — key word being ‘interesting’…

and VaWolf — keep ’em coming!

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