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I’d agree that HWSNBN was rigid (almost mentioned this), incredibly poor at adapting in game, and didn’t have good leadership ability under fire (the “my tie is choking me” move surely inspired confidence). All those things clearly held him back.

I’d also agree that HWSNBN was best with Hodge. In my memory it was because when things broke down, Hodge would take the team on his back and will his way to the basket for a bucket. Of course when Hodge was off (Seton Hall anyone?), it would create something incredibly ugly. The system would break, Hodge would go lone wolf (poorly) and we’d get blasted. But, I did love Jules and his on the court leadership made up for quite a number of HWSNBN’s limitations.

My comments were more aimed at recruiting strategy. HWSNBN had a pretty solid one. It just was to recruit to a highly flawed system.

I’m not ready to give KK a lifetime contract. He may not even work out. I just see an actual plan in place, and one that actually can work. It’s been nearly 30 years since I could say that and I’m pretty thankful.