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Two things that happen in an environment that fosters great performance and a great working environment. 1. High performers either get promoted within or move on to other opportunities. 2. When that promotion happens those who would like to fill the opening is larger and the probability of hiring a great replacement is higher. I’m pretty sure DD’s reputation is fostering that type of environment since we have landed some pretty good talent in the assistants. If you look back to CTC his environment was vastly different (opposite by most accounts). People were leaving just to get the heck away from him. I highly doubt he learned that from Bobby Bowden.

With DD I’m sure any potential hires are encouraged to speak with the other coaches and players about the working environment. Word on the street is Aaron Henry, the new safeties coach is a top notch guy and was a great addition this year when Clayton White left for a DC position at Western Carolina. Clayton White is from Dunn, where I live, and our circles have crossed from time to time. I saw him the first of the summer and asked him to tell me straight up why he left. He said it was a very hard decision, his heart has always been with State and working with the current staff was the best experience of his life. Knowing Clayton, if his experience had been not that good he would have only said he was looking for a promotion. He said DD was not only the best boss he’d ever had but also one of the best people he’s ever been associated with.

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