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I have come to the conclusion that we are a “build to a year” program and I am OK with that as long as we make that occasional year a good one.

I admit that’s what it looks like, Rick, but that’s not the kind of program DD is building.

From his biography: “Doeren’s one goal for the Wolfpack? To become a championship team. He makes no bones about his desire for his team to compete for a championship on a conference and national level. He believed then, and is even more sure now, that the only way to play at a championship level is to work hard together to get there. He knows that it isn’t an overnight process and is committed to doing it the right way.”

I’m not the only one who believed. Those recruits who accepted scholarship offers believed as well. Some time back Mr. DOG wrote about believing, saying it came first IIRC. Some, a few but some, are saying this team won’t be denied. Chubb says of his team mates, “We are the most confident team in the country.”

We have staff and coaches who believe and are enrolled in DD’s vision. Will it be this year? Could be. More than likely in 2019.

Rick, our w/l record may look like we are a “build to a year” program, but we aren’t. I say we are a “compete for a championship” program. And if we aren’t, Doeren will see to it that we become one.