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McC in broad strokes I agree – not time to start count hatchlings. However I do see some positives with the Pack this year which I have not seen in decades. I guess I’m generally positive but wary. I think we are seeing a program on the rise but to keep rising you jave to keep winning (no I don’t mean win out but I do mean the team cannot flop). Each week we have seen the college football landscape change drastically – that could mean the Pack gets shuffled out if they don’t take care of business or it could mean vaulting into that rarefied air of a top 10 program if they don’t flop. So far I’m pleased at the progress but that can quickly turn so I make no predictions. What I have seen so far is the best over football by a Pack team in a long time – still not perfect obviously but the best performance over a number of games. The question is will that continue.