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DD fired the S&C coach and he also fired the DB coach who came with him from Northern Illinois. He’ Not afraid to make changes, which I appreciate. TOB was way too loyal. Amato had no one who wanted to stay.

Ledford was a fantastic hire and I thought so at the time. Hire like and we’ll be in very good shape.

Drink is proving good, though right now I could be the OC with this roster and line. We’re still not good enough in the red zone for my liking. Given the situation (outside perception of our program and that position after firing Canada), then it was probably a pretty solid hire.

I was in the minority who thought Canada was the right one vs Hux. Canada was rumored to have other issues outside of the product being put on the field. He also had been interviewing. On the field I thought we were really predictable relative to formation and motion and Mississippi State completely blew us up when they had a month to prep for us. With Hux people wanted him gone but I still think that is DD’s defense for good or for bad.