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On injury front… Nicholson’s career is over due to concussions. I hate to see that for any kid, but hopefully he got out before damage is permanent.

Also, Brock Miller is gone for the year with shoulder surgery.

These injuries leave us thin at lb spot. Good thing we play 4-2 vs 4-3 or 3-4.

These injuries do leave us thin at the LB spot but Fernandez, Moore and Pratt have been rotating and playing all the minutes at LB. Miller played on special teams Thursday night and I suspect the Fernandez-Moore-Pratt rotation was instrumental in the decision to have the surgery now and have him back in 2018.

We do have 2 true LBs, Louis Acceus and Raven Saunders, who are playing on special teams. I hear that Acceus is very good and Saunders not far behind. It says something that they are playing, not red shirting. With Nicholson gone and Miller out for the season Acceus is next man up should he be needed.

We should be Okay at LB unless we experience an injury that takes them out of the game for any length of time.

Speaking of LBs we haven’t had the kind of speed at LB that Pratt showed since Kenny Houston. He looked like an ex-safety on that INt — wait…