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I don’t base my observations about the middle of the field on the Louisville game. It’s only year 2 with Drink, I know. As some of commented here before, very few slants, very few fades in red zone. Some nice throws against Louisville but the routes don’t tend to be in middle of the field. If it works, it works. But I think against better defenses, we need to utilize the whole field.

Nice conversation, Whiteshoes.

I see your points about using the middle of the field and what I have to say is just my thoughts and certainly not knowledge of what Drink is thinking. So I have a few “maybe’s” to offer up for consideration.

Maybe the blocking for our run game by the WRs is better keeping the receivers out side vs. slants.
Maybe slants would be a ‘tell’ that we are not going to run.
Maybe throwing towards the bandaries lessens the risk of INTs

One thing for sure, our offense is by committee. (Hines has commented how he likes that.) George McDonald is the receivers coach so it may not be all on Drinkwitz. Also it seems most balls thrown on Sunday are sideline routes with a few mixed in to the middle. The abundance of sideline routes tends to open up the middle. IOW it may not be as simple as not realizing the slants and other mid-field routes are available.

Changing the subject slightly, I’m wondering what influence Dan Patrick’s pro experience is making in what we are doing on defense.