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Bro Mc…

While I truly respect your intellect, your curiosity about all things and your wide range of experiences…may I tell a story?

The first time I attended worship services at the old Primitive Baptist Church, the message brought that Sunday was one of the Salvation promised by a Sovereign God. The grayed headed preacher, who was more Calvinist than any Reformed Scotch Presbyterian named Mc- or Mac-, kept repeating one haunting phrase…

“I’m not sure… we’ll find out when we get there….”

Now… may I remind everyone of the paradox of ‘history’… On the one hand, “those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it” and on the other hand, “those who live in the past inevitably see a future with no hope”.

No HOPE === Cynicism === Death.

Bro…. in case you’re wondering…. I ain’t just talking talking ’bout WOLFPACK Football….

Methinks, the only thing you’re enjoying more than the excellent progress our football team has made this season is poking the bears, which I will freely admit is fun, on occasion.

Any alternative should be one of much more concern.

So may I suggest?

Let’s all just enjoy IT while it lasts… and see how this turns out when we get there… At our age, we won’t get as many chances as we used to…

Or as the old men sitting at the Store used to say…
“A promise is better than the real thing, ’cause it lasts longer….”

Respectfully…. BOTB

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