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Well apparently our pr department is showing why they should be paid in pesos. They’ve given an incredibly weak response on the blackout question that only confuses message further ….but absolutely yells “we are clueless.”

I know it’s an incredibly dumb thing to do to support any NCSU admin BUT I’ve been accused of being incredibly dumb before. Sometimes you need to pick your battles. Our PR department is likely not independently authorized to create a promotional campaign. Annabelle is an associate AD so I assume she clears her promo campaigns with DY. Coach Doeren most likely has veto power over football related promos.

Doeren actually said he was wearing red and was Okay with the fans wearing either red or black.

We are on national TV with some really hot black unis. Let the focus be on the team, not what the fans are wearing. The crowd focus last night (I was there) making noise when L’ville had the ball. 4 false starts by L’ville in the second half. That’s 20 yards worth of defense that’s creditable to the fans, I’d say.

VT had a purple out vs Clemson recently. That was very effective — for about 4 minutes.

This is just a different point of view. Like this past spring when my point of view of how this team was going to do was so different.