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I think the problem with most who don’t like DY is that they focus on football and basketball solely. The two hardest sports to get right because they drive revenue. Everyone wants to win in those 2 sports, but not everyone cares about swimming or golf. Also those two sports are driven by men with large egos. We seem to think it is easy. Just pay the coach and lets go win. She has to ensure we make money, that all sports get the resources they need. Many of you don’t realize how hard it to manage an AD. You also forget how crappy we were in most sports before she got here. She has done nothing but elevate our entire AD.

Also for those of you who think she didn’t consider other candidates, get a grip. When has she ever not her due diligence in a coaching hire? You blast her when the search is public, because we get turned down and roasted in the media. She keeps the search quiet until we hire someone and you blast her because you don’t know all the details about the search. You cannot have it both ways. We are lucky to have her as our AD, period.