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No ONE showed up at the Bell Tower this morning for the “TCOB” convey to Cary to “take out YOW”. Had the entire rented (and specially painted) Humvees sitting there idling and Campus Security wrote me up for “Obnoxious and onerous” Pollution. Have to get a lawyer.

BUT, I am STILL trying to help the Snowflakes here (a Blizzard….I might add). We will have a “Play Dooh” counseling session late Sunday Evening. You guys pick the place….I’ll bring the Play Dooh and a keg. Will also have paper dolls and such for you to express your inner feelings and perhaps be able to go to work on Monday.

Have contacted Dr. Woodson and asked if he could shell out that BIG bucks (again….he did for the Trump Election) for counselors and also let me use the Student Union. Since this will be a repeat of the same set-up they had there on the days following the November election, the rent should be cheaper…or maybe Free.

If we held this OFF Campus, say on a farm somewhere (anybody volunteer a site in HarnetT county), then we could use full size Yow Targets and you could bring your AR-15’s….then ceremoniously burn the targets and sing Kum By Y’all by the campfire…

I personally AM going to miss the Presser tomorrow as I promised my daughter and GK’s that we would go to the farm and let them shoot up a brick of .22 and let my daughter try out the 9mm that I bought for her….

We need someone to attend…or protest. Contact RevBB for Bull Horn and also “people” rental….PLEASE, no elderly UNC couples that dry hump when you are NOT looking.


I’m afraid to even go to PP as they probably have malware ready to infect…