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I agree with BoB. I also agree with what I’ve posted several time (and was deleted the last time) that the reality is the program just doesn’t have the money or the brand to attract the top tier candidates. End of story.

Hey we did well with a high school coach and then one out of Iona so no reason that this one can’t be just as good.
He has a clean reputation with no baggage (i.e. like Gott had from ‘bama), he has college level success (unlike Sid), and he knows the regional high school landscape (unlike any of the recent coaches).
We tried going for the glitzy one and dones and had some success but now its time to go back to fundamentals and build a program around solid players that stay 3 or 4 years and develop.
Plus he’s a young up ‘n comer and with the blues aging out he may build something good and solid.

We were never going to get a plug-n-play tier 1 coach, let’s face it.

I’m satisfied Debbie did the best she could do given her resources and the situation.