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Manu Ginobili

I don’t really have an opinion on the guy, but I think it’s a hire that makes total sense. I’m not saying it’s the best option, but it may be the smartest option.

Dr Yow is going to be here for another two long years, that was not going to change. Gott was going to burn the program to the ground at that pace, so that is that.

Hiring Keatts would probably be a boom or bust situation; he either has it or he doesn’t, and we will know quickly. Any coach will get at least two years here, so by the time the new AD rolls in, he or she will decide if a coaching change is required.

The “big” names knew this and I’m guessing that’s what kept most of them out. An up and comer like Keatts was maybe our only option given this situation. If he continues what we had the last two seasons, the new AD will give him a third year and then he will be out. A bigger” name, particularly an alumni who is not of the liking of his new boss, will be much harder to fire.