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Good rant, er post….

If a Coach AIN’T interested (and his agent tells the “special consultant that”, how are we supposed to “win him over”? Ever seen a HS kid fantasize over the hottie in High School who gave him the cold shoulder at every opportunity? I have an NCSU Grad (very SMART) friend that did that all through HS. What happened….he became a recluse after graduation. BUT, guess who did “get to know him” after he came by every afternoon and called repeatedly? Her LITTLE (very cute) SISTER.

Moral of that TRUE story (they married and are in their 70’s and raised a nice brood of kids)…If someone says, be my FRIEND….not my LOVER….it probably ain’t gonna happen.

Ranting and raving and going out on the ledge and threatening to blow up the PNC ain’t gonna make it happen. If Archie is NOT interested….then as long as we REALLY and SERIOUSLY tried….what are we supposed to do? Blackmail (got pictures of Arch and a few Dayton Cheerleaders?) MIGHT do it….but short of that…give me YOUR PLAN TO CONVINCE ARCHIE.

This is gonna play out as it plays out. IF we have TOP TIER P5 folks on the list (and their agents would have had to say….YES….but only AFTER I get beat)….then my bet is that Yow is doing some preliminary talks with the “Available” folks….and then waiting to see how the weekend plays out. She GOT Burned waiting too long the last time.

Remember that Shaka ain’t done DIDDLY at UT. He took Barnes’ Talent and went to the NCAA last year. Lowe did that with Herbie’s talent and almost beat UNC in the ACCT Final game. SO, would we have been better off with Shaka than Gott? I really don’t think so.

MIND GAMES….that folks take what is posted here, save mine of course, with such seriousness….