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Here’s the thing re Goodman. I’m sure it’s real…but he fished for it. Our job ain’t for everyone, it’s not UCLA or Kentucky, that everyone says yes to. Some would rather have NC State. Some tOSU. Some Florida (Arch already said no, perhaps). It all depends on your flavor preference, and your personality makeup.

Some guys would rather be left alone to do their thing, and don’t mind working in relative anonymity. That’s not our job. But you can become King of the World here. You will always be second banana in Columbus. As Rick Barnes learned, nobody will ever show up to weeknight games against “not Kansas” in Austin.

We wouldn’t WANT to hire a coach whose persona better fits a job in NC State’s tier that is a different flavor. Both parties will end up unhappy, even if the coach is pretty decent (this was HWSNBN at his best here).

FWIW, I would probably describe HWSNBN as mild-to-moderate gas with some belching. Not quite a turd, but not super pleasant either. 😀