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StateRed: I’m in agreement. I’m hoping it is 1A or 1B, that we have a legit 2 line. I can live with the current 3 line candidates (Wade/Keatts), and think they’re better than what we’ve done the last two hires. While the 3 line comes with risk and won’t win the press conference in the same way, they likely will be better than Lowe and Gott.

I’m just hoping there isn’t an out of left field, 4 line candidate. That’s been our last two hires and we’ve seen what that gets us.

The one thing that worries once we make it past Miller and Marshall (good Lord forbid) is the cryptic report from Goodman with the old nonsourced quote from a “midmajor” of “I wouldn’t touch that job”. It’s most likely real but is it one of the guys we’d be targeting for the 2nd line? I pray not, because if we get played by a guy with those or similar sentiments it could begin to really stink. Also could it really be indicative of how this place is perceived across the board? Mind numbing and potentially lethal.

On the good karma side. I really hope the women’s team can get some national good juju working for us this March. They could shine a light in the darkness (however dim) on the positive aspects of NC State and Yow.

I hope Wes Moore could help out as some sort of vouch.