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If I have to explain all the hype and fake news about Coach Gottfried by the press….read the N&O article…with some obvious errors….then I will not take the space and bandwidth to do such.

The trusted press (media, print, internet, ESPN, etc.) only use situations like ours to write “stuff” and that usually is not pieces of work that will qualify for Pullitizers…

I guess that my reference to the incompetance of the press related to current events as well as the coverage of the firing of Coach Gottfried got lost or maybe went over a few heads.

Sounded good….looked good…but not everyone got it. Will try again.

Perhaps we can agree on everything up to the comparison….OR, do you or others feel that the press has fairly portrayed our situation and that ESPN has NOT taken cheap shots at us?

Maybe I missed something in the logic and the numbers….

I’m ready for a few jokes…even about me….as we need some humor at this time. I am really pulling for Clemson to FIRE Brownell just so that we are off the “They FIRED their Coach” pedestal. Sometime a premature “firing” does leave others wanting MORE….or so I’ve heard….