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Sitton was the role model for today’s Limo Liberal. If you followed the story line…and the $$…

The turning of Dix into Central Park south, Jimmy Goodmon of WRAL fame has been a major drum beater. His son and others with connections are buying up property around the area for up scale housing and other related development.

Guess WHO is being displaced? Hint, they are followers of a certain William Barber. One would think that the right Rev would be upset at his flock being dislocated and also not, if they own property, getting fair value.

But, since the Right Rev has his own freebie TV station, few disadvantaged are a small price to pay for the “good” of the movement…As well as the prosperity of the Rev.

Read the articles extolling the wonderful development…And do some connecting of the players.

That is what Claude Sitton and his kind are really like.