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Rye – how much of that is due to his conference though? He has elite takent for his conference. How will he handle being on the other side of that equation.

In 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13, Cincy was in the Big East. That league was stronger than the ACC those seasons. The Big East put 4 teams into the Final Four during that period and had a title winner. The ACC didn’t have a single FF team.

During that period Cronin was 11-7, 12-6 and 9-9 in league play. Against Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville and ND, they were 1-4, 4-2 and 1-5. Against the ACC during that period, they were 1-0 beating FSU in the tournament.

My take? Inconclusive, but at least he has experience and some track record of playing against heavyweights. Those line 3 candidates have not.

Want to see something gaudy? Check out Arch or Marshall’s records against Power 5 leagues.