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For me, my definition of can’t miss is a guy who is going to get us consistently in the top 25, year in and year out, and all season long. I think Cronin and that defense will be able to do it, particularly with the players he can recruit here. He’s doing it this year with one of our castoffs (Washington) and a guy that we were too big for (Clark) as his top 2 players. I remember his teams smacking us around at least once.

He’s a line 2 candidate though. I’d much rather have Miller or Marshall (if either will actually come). Having said that, we’ve gone with line 4 candidates the last two searches, so Cronin would be a better hire than we made the last two times, and a lower risk hire than Sendek was (his hire was a lot of how I view Wade and Keatts).

I see a lot of risk with Wade and Keatts. Maybe they hit big, but maybe they’re the next DD. Listening to a recent interview with Wade, he seems a lot like Pastner did to me about 5-6 years (a young wonder kid coach that is likely to burn out or Peter out).