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Archie’s wife graduated from State, her dad Steve graduated from State.

I think you folks are WAYYYY over stressing the mystical urge to “come back”.

It is a business and emotional appeals are worthless unless you have a structure in place which allow the guy in charge to implement his plan. The emotional appeal is simply icing on the cake and should be tasteful and subtle, so subtle in fact that it only HINTS at emotional connections. Think of it like a light smell in a kitchen that causes you to think and taste, it encourages you to look forward to the meal.

State doesn’t do subtly or taste, it is always about cheap, tasteless and blunt force trauma.

I’m not sure he is dying to get back to the Char-Grill and I doubt he wants the baggage of the fan base heaping all of their hopes and desires upon him.

In Raleigh it is always 1974-1983/Les-Herb.