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Guys, I’m a huge Gregg Marshall fan. Please read the USA Today article below.

He would be a great fit at State and has that ‘edge’ needed to be successful in the ACC. A proven winner.

Marshall is paid 3 mil/yr. Gott is paid 2 mil.
Here are salaries of some other top coaches for perspective:

K 7.3M
Calipari 6.6M
Pitino 6M
Self 4.8M
S Miller 4.5M
Izzo 3.5M
Matta 3.4M
Huggins 3.3M
Dixon 3.2M
Cream 3.2M
Smart 2.8M
Wright 2.5M

We have to decide if we are serious about getting back to elite status. If we are, then we need to go after Gregg Marshall and pay well (4M?).

If we’re only lukewarm serious, then we go after others.
I know a lot of people like Archie, and we could probably get him. At this point, however, we can’t afford to take chances. The wrong guy and we’re cooked!