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Between the leadership of the UNC Grad that is running ESPN….

The PC overdrive state that they have gotten into….

The stupidity of some of their recent “moves” like firing a seasoned announcer for using the “term” GUERRILLA Strategy (of which there is a well known BOOK) to describe the play of one of the Williams sisters and then summarily firing him a few days later, even after it was understood that he did NOT say “Gorilla”…and he is SUING…

The fact that ESPN is dropping subscribers at the rate of upwards of 10K PER DAY….

The fact that it ONCE was a real money maker for Disney and NOW they are considering “spinning it off”….

No WONDER we are hearing what we are hearing.

I guess that MG thought that his longtime friendship with Debbie Yow would get him ANOTHER pass.

Give me a BREAK….I hate to say this, but we ought to play up to our worst expectations just to get the talking heads to shut up….

They are now worrying about folks clicking OFF and not watching the remainder of this game….

We ARE on the FLAGSHIP, ESPN, today.