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It’s over now and everyone can move on. The school can officially search. The players can play loose and for themselves. We can start re-recruiting them because they know they won’t be coached by Gott. Gott may actually feel the freedom to try some “crazy” things like full court presses, going 10 deep, etc. because what does he really have to lose? The fans can be civil. We will likely put a better product on the court.

No interim coach is needed or should be hired. That should only be done if one thinks they want the interim coach. What happens if that interim goes on a little run? Fools Gold given all the pressure is off. Just let Gott coach it out.

As for his tenure, it was a bad hire initially, but we got a couple of good seasons out of it. We ended up where I thought we’d be. Thanks goes to Gott and all those who were involved in the good years.

I hope we hire better this time. We hopefully have been working on this for a while.