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Is returning for his Senior season! Our defensive line is going to be great, linebackers will be good, and DB’s ………. ehhhhhhhh. Still exciting!

– Optimistic State Fan –

I don’t know exactly what “ehhhhhhh?” means but “still exciting” is pretty clear. Do you know something or are you just dumping on the DBs?

IMO if the DL is great and puts pressure on QBs, the coverage skills of Stevens, McCloud and a few of the RFr and Freshmen corners the pass defense will be “exciting” in a different way this year. NIK back Trae Meadows had an INT his first play from scrimmage in the Vandy game showing off some pretty good coverage skills. State did have 3 INTs vs Vandy.

I realize it’s fashionable to bad mouth the football team on SFN but at least give it a chance before we start in on the DBs the first week in January.