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I woke up this morning (in Raleigh) and listened to the local news. The TV station, where I once worked on and off for 4 years, has more reporters (with their logos) in the field and more “stringers” that will probably attend the game.

I do NOT, under any circumstances, underestimate the critical situation. BUT, for me and most Raleigh fans, going to the game is LESS risky than going to the spring Red/White games. I will point out that there were REALLY severe and close tornado warnings several years ago and they played the whole game and then cancelled the autograph session. Folks DIED after that. If I had not realized, while watching the news at the Wade Avenue Red & White Store, how bad it was, I would have driven into the path of one of the twisters. I drove immediately to my daughter’s house and listed to the TV audio of one headed towards us.

I also noted that the TV station, which has a NEW “NEWS” consultant and new graphics and new promos has added “Bumper” music. Sort of like watching a sequel to Fantasia….remember the dancing brooms. NOW, they have dramatic (with a few crashing cymbals) music to show the “power lines swaying in Roxboro”.

I will make an intelligent decision….I will also get feedback from a very liberal “ditto head” individual who is an NCSU grad with, according to him, superior intelligence and intellect. My question to him is this….IF the female presidential candidate were speaking (under HER shelter) at a high $$ Private Fundraiser today at CF and she, alone, would be under a tornado proof shelter at mid field, would HE take his entire brood there and site for 6 hours waiting for her to appear?

If he answers YES, which I suspect he would….then I, too, shall go and watch my Wolfpack. Napoleon had his advisors and “staff”, I have mine…

For the fans in the Raleigh area, as long as we are given access to the PNC and kept aprised of severe (thunder storms, lightning and tornadoes and such), then I think it will be OK….further east and further south east….don’t know.

Hopefully the stalling will reduce the amount of rainfall….and, thanks to the Rolling Stones, we DO have a brand new, engineering to drain, turf surface. THAT was part of the contract whence they last drug their aged and tortured bodied there….