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If you follow the link, you will find an interesting factoid about the Charlotte Riots. They are being organized and funded by George Soros. This is the same individual that supported the riots in Ferguson.

Lest you think that this individual, who is a multi-Billionaire, is doing it for phalantrophic purposes, in case you ware not aware, he is the king of Hedge Fund Managers (owners). He make money by hedging or betting on things. SO, by keeping the SAME individuals who are so beholden to him and their peers in POWER, he can still manipulate certain “items” or have control of certain markets or has advanced information about certain policies that will disrupt or influence the financial (bonds, currencies, international, stock, etc.) markets. He then “makes investments” and builds his empire. NOW, do doubt, he DOES believe in his causes. BUT, since he is a major (perhaps the largest) donor to the DNC and the DNC Candidates, he DOES have a whole lot to gain by keeping the BASE stirred up and also keeping them voting the party line.

Do some googling….

Last night, one of the anchors asked the on scene reporter WHERE the protestors “Came From” as in are they local or what. He could name (this was on XM and not watching) them by “hair color” and had been told which city they were from or out of state.

TO the credit of SOME of the community leaders last night, they actually came out in force (they were wearing special arm bands or ribbons or “colors” that “MARKED them as religious and community leaders”. When some of the paid or really disruptive (the smell of Booze and Pot was heavy in the area) folks got in the face of the NG and Police or started to aig the crowd on, THEY stepped in and calmed them down. At LEAST they understood what was happening and tried to keep the Charlotte populance from being manipulated like puppets.