I Fear Not The House Of Deacon. But Just In Case…

There are places in this world that exhude a strange and negative energy…places of my youth, where certain turns in the road or hollows always had an unsettling aura as if they echoed deeper vortexes of a dark or foreboding universe… oft in broad daylight. The poet in me is most sensitive to these, but the warrior in me is not.

Native American shamans used sage burning for the first known time in history. They used it in their shamanistic rituals and ceremonies. They also used to burn sage to heal, to remove negative energy.

The first meaningful group to arrive at any college football, gameday venue, is the training staff. They van in, replete with every tape, every extra pad, suture, mouthpiece, cleat, towel, jersey, jock, sock…it’s really quite a traveling medicine show.

These guys are students of the universe, uncaring of the X and O. They are suppliers of the existential, the stuff fans don’t get to see from seats at the stadium, or couches…Modern day shamans!

The warrior in me hopes they bring a whole lotta sage to burn Saturday.


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    I tend to think the best thing for all parties might be if another team hires him away. We can then look at what is working on the staff, potentially make a promotion or keep the good parts.

    I don’t think DD needs to be fired, even if he loses to UNC this weekend. I do think that he built towards this year, and it’s going to be 8-4, despite a historically weak FSU and an underachieving Louisville squad. That’s not necessarily bad (DD’s year 1 is a good example of bad), but it’s the 6-6 to 8-4 plateau that is just good enough not to get fired.

    DD can parlay this year into his next job. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his agent weren’t trying to make that happen.


    Rye my only question is who would be a reasonable candidate as HC. If we have U Texas money and now with at least some national attention there might be someone else. I will say starting from -50 we are now maybe +10 or so. That means progress. And I think we simply must toss out the old dogmas – Wake has improved greatly the Pack also. I was not surprised the game came down being so close.


    I think some overstate the talent on the team. What Doeren has done is built depth at most positions, and there is some quality depth. He gets the credit. But the roster isn’t comparable to Notre Dame or FSU or Clemson. Heck, with a Sr laden d-line made up of a 1st rounder and potentially a few other picks, we were probably the 3rd-4th best defensive line in the conference going into the season. Late in the year, even the most talented teams are struggling with injuries, Clemson included. Lose a starting QB early, like FSU, and you’re in a world of hurt.

    8-4 (6-2), with a chance to go 9-4 is respectable given the schedule. And we were competitive in every game. Sure, plenty of bonehead coaching decisions, and questionable strategy or playcalling, but at the end of the day we had a shot in most.

    This season only highlights some early concerns, at least for me. If you’re not going to significantly upgrade the recruiting (and Doeren and staff have proved more capable than their predecessors), you have to show results on the field. They have. They’ve proven more competitive against the conference elite. We’re not playing anybody in the conference with a major talent advantage. To have a shot at upgrading the talent, you gotta win the 50/50 games.

    This is where DD and staff aren’t getting it done in my mind. Coaches make a difference in the close ones, and we’re not going to blow many teams out with talent. Better be able to out-scheme and play call. DD looks like he couldn’t get a greased bb up his arse on the sideline. The holding hands with assistant coaches for a FG at the end of the BC half (like the Clemson game last year) is pee-wee league stuff, and the all too often inexplicable delay of games when you know the decision is up to the head man, makes me cringe.

    There are still roster deficiencies, but I’m not convinced we’ll be that much worse next year (depending on what JR’s come and go) than we are this year. But relative to other teams in the conference…well…


    Some of you guys are a real piece of work.
    I was concerned about the battle to get the team’s collective psyche back together for this coming Saturday.

    My concern is misplaced.


    CD same old, same old. And yes I agree with you.


    Right on CD. Any discussion of a new coach is both early and not based in reality. DD isn’t going anywhere.


    As long as DD is our coach enjoy being out coached every Saturday. Our ceiling is 8-4 with him at the helm. 8-4 doesn’t win championships. This season was clear at half way mark as to the outcome. I sat back and watched as everyone touted how good we were including the media. My problem isn’t with the Wake game which I was fairly certain we would lose, because it was in Winston. Rather my issue is after year 5 we are achieving the same mediocre results. If there is so much quality depth why not hire someone who can actually coach before he loses that depth because everyone realizes he cannot coach. The window of opportunity on building off what he as done from a program standpoint will disappear quickly.


    I totally agree Pack1997. I gave us zero chance to win at WFU. DD is a good recruiter but he is just a jock in the end. He really doesn’t have football smarts. Good coaches are rare. I would say only 1 in 10 people have what it takes to coach a TEAM. There are many, many out there that are just mediocre. He is one of those. Our clock management and play calling are poor very often. DD has had years to get one but clearly doesn’t understand the value of a good kicker. We get bonehead penalties at the worst possible times. This points to a lack of discipline and control over team. Very, very typical of a coach that suffers from mediocrity. On the surface it seems that we have had a pretty good year but really who did we beat that we weren’t supposed to? Louisville and FSU? In reality, our record puts us right where we belong. In mediocrity with our coach. I would not be one bit surprised if we have an L this weekend.


    Hmm. I think that’s a little harsh.

    People generally don’t have good memories. I remember when Sendek was coach at NC State. After his 5th year, the majority of folks said he’d never go to the NCAA tourney – then he went to 5 straight.

    Doeren can build a program. He’s taken his current bunch and has them on the cusp of a 6-2 conference record. If we win, it will be our best conference record since 1994. If we don’t, it’s only the 4th time since 1994 that we’ve gone 5-3 in conference.

    He clearly has some opportunity for growth. However, I’d rather have a guy who excels what he excels – methodical building of individuals and preparation for the opponent and season – than a fantastic game coach who is weak in those areas (and usually, there’s a tradeoff.)

    Here’s some perspective – in 2011, the Clemson Tigers came into Raleigh 9-1 overall – and 6-1 in the conference. A 2-4 NC State beat them 37-13. We didn’t get embarrassed like that Saturday, our play makers just didn’t make the plays. I have put some blame on the coaching in the past. However, last Saturday wasn’t on them. When your best players don’t make the plays, and your opponents best players do, you typically lose, especially on the road and especially if evenly matched.


    Chop some are so filled with hatred for the current staff if we won a natty they would still say “but …”. I agree there are strengths and weaknesses but I’m good so far.

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