Gottfried tabs Pierre as new assistant coach


Today Mark Gottfried officially introduced Butch Pierre as his new assistant coach. Pierre previously was on Travis Ford’s staff at Oklahoma State.

“I’ve known Butch for a long time and he’s regarded as one of college basketball’s premier recruiters, but he is also a great teacher of the game who has spent a number of years around winning programs,” said Gottfried. “He brings a wealth of experience in many areas that will help us tremendously, and I’m excited to have him join our program.”

Welcome to Wolfpack Nation, Butch!

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    Gottfried tabs Pierre as new assistant coach

    I just thought I would repeat the title of this thread. I’ve gotten so lost in the discussion that I have forgotten if we are supposed to be happy about this or not.


    As we all assumed by now, it looks like Dooley ship sailed. Hear we are after former UNLV Asst and now UT-Martin head coach Heath Schroyer.

    Side note- Savon Goodman committed and played for UNLV during the time that Schroyer was there. Pretty sure Schroyer was his lead recruiter. Goodman got kicked off that team and now hes transferring from ASU. So his next school will be his 3rd stop.

    fun times at State


    jimi eno47

    A side note ( question) … why have the Martin twins been removed from the 2015-2016 roster of “gopack” but not Barber … all three are GONE. BUT in reality all three WERE part of the 2015-2016 team and should still show as such. I can’t help but think that may point to a factor in “The Exodus”. People talk about team chemistry … I expect players leave more often because of coach’s attitude than some teammate’s ball hogging. If the two bigs go NBA, Freeman is going to have a lot on his shoulders with some part time help from fly-weights Kirk and Rowan.

Viewing 3 posts - 151 through 153 (of 153 total)
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