Shadrach Thornton Dismissed From FB Team

Unless you’ve been very busy today, you’re already aware that Shadrach Thornton was involved in an accident with a pedestrian while driving his moped/motor scooter yesterday evening.  Much has been discussed about the particulars of the incident (mostly speculative since no one seems to know for sure), as well as Shad’s past transgressions.  The bottom line was a lot of folks wondering how Head Coach Dave Doeren would/should respond.

Now we know.

Thornton has been dismissed from the team.

“It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but we’ve made the decision to dismiss Shadrach from our program,” Doeren said in a statement.
Raleigh police said Thornton, of 2717 Western Blvd., was driving a scooter that hit Jimmie Woodard near the intersection of Avent Ferry Road and Western Boulevard at about 9:15 p.m. Raleigh police said Thornton was driving north on the sidewalk on the southbound side of Avent Ferry Road. Woodard was walking south on the sidewalk.
Woodard was not seriously injured, police said, but he had to get stitches to close a wound on his face.
“I hold no grudge against him,” Woodard said. “I don’t know (Thornton). I know of him now, but I don’t know the man, so I hold no grudge.”
Woodard said he was waiting for a bus when he was hit.
“The next thing I know, I see a motor scooter coming my way, and I just got hit,” he said. “I was aware because I saw the blood on my shirt.”
Woodard said Thornton did not stay to help him, but Lee Turner, Thornton’s attorney, said Thornton talked with Woodard before leaving the scene.
“I understand that he was polite, cooperative and gave the officers a full statement about what happened,” Turner said. “I understand that after the accident he did have a conversation with the victim before leaving the scene.”

The question now becomes how this will affect the team in the short term re: distractions (hopefully not at all), and how it will affect the usage of what was a loaded stable of RB’s.

Will Jaylen Samuels, Dakwa Nichols or even Johnny Frasier (who was tentatively expected to redshirt ’15) have different roles for the ’15 season now that the unit is a man down?

At the very least, Reggie Gallaspy likely just inherited a significant increase in touches.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that fans of “that other school” were already pointing to Shad’s continued presence as a greater offense than their ENTIRE ATHLETIC PROGRAM’S ongoing multi-decade cheating scandal.  They are some arrogant f-cktards over there, for realz.

I’ll refrain from comment about some of the local media’s actions regarding Shad, in contrast to their head in the sand attitudes about some other issues.

And I’d be further remiss if I didn’t wish good luck to Shad.  Fun guy to watch run.  Hope he gets things worked out and catches on somewhere and his career continues.

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    In a way this helps us out with the log jam in the backfield. I kind of felt like the staff didn’t think Shad would be here given we recruited so many backs.

    The outcome is what it is, so it doesn’t really matter, but there was no log jam and Shad’s status had nothing to do with the recruiting.


    foose: I’m not saying that we made this move because of other personnel. We made this move because the hand was essentially forced. Too many mistakes, and a media making a bit much ado than they would in a similar situation over at the Hill.

    Regardless, I’ve felt we’d potentially see transfers or re-positioning in the RB space. We have a lot of talent there.

    Also, I felt back in Dec/Jan when we were signing this many backs that we didn’t think Shad would be here. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought it was a smart move at the time. I also thought it was a good hedging of bets.


    He shoulda been gone when he slapped around that girl. No excuses


    He shoulda been gone when he slapped around that girl. No excuses

    I bet you’re tons of fun at parties.


    Rye…I don’t believe the media had a damned thing to do with it.

    I do believe DD’s hand was forced…by his convictions, and the way he wishes to conduct his program.


    He shoulda been gone when he slapped around that girl. No excuses

    Did he slap a girl around?


    And a into Raleigh comes a study in contrast…the ‘ville, who are responding to a new allegation that an assistant arranged paid companionship with players. Pitino was shocked – which I find odd since the way he handled his mistake paper by comparison.

    As for shad – like dog said – its about what you expect from your players and walking the walk.

    john of sparta

    Did he slap a girl around?
    90+90 = 180


    He shoulda been gone when he slapped around that girl. No excuses

    I do believe if he had “slapped around that girl” he would be gone. Shad has learned some lessons the hard way but it sounds like he is learning. I can’t put myself in his place because I don’t know the culture he grew up in.

    IMO Doeren was trying to work with a young man who was worth working with. Shad sounded like he knew he had to be dismissed and didn’t fault Doeren for what he had to do.

    If Shad was a bad kid he would not have been elected to the leadership council by his peers.

    We don’t need to make excuses but we also don’t need to paint him with a broad brush as a bad apple either.


    Rye…I don’t believe the media had a damned thing to do with it.

    Rye can speak for himself but IMO he really didn’t intend to put any blame on the media. I got a little pissed myself seeing Shad’s little bump called a crash by the media. The N&O had an above the fold story on the front page of the Sports page. When did an accidental hitting of a pedestrian by a moped become that kind of news. Our neighbors have 4 scholarship players beat up a walk-on and it doesn’t get mentioned. WTF?


    I don’t care anymore about what the media says or doesn’t say about our team. What page its on is no longer a concern. The last 5 years at the dump has me thinking there is now a balance. Yeah the Pack will still be screwed when certain calls don’t go our way. I also believe that the light blue will get most of the calls…for a while. Beleive your in your tag line. The sun is rising in west Raleigh.

    Don’t be part of the morally outrage. Don’t be those people who need to see a video of the assault to be convinced Once more I will repeat what others have stated. It was the consistant inability to put the team above himself. I wish nothing but the best for him.

    The day it happened I had a conversation with my brother about what would transpire if he was dismissed. He has been in college sports for 25 years. He surmised that he would drop out and focus on the the NFL. Get an agent. Get some upfront money and move to LA or FL. I said nah I think they will offer to take care of him. Keep his scholarship and workout through the spring and the draft. His comment was, “well sure he will get the offer but he will not take advantage of it”. Well I disagreed, and so far Shad has made at least one good decision. Now I am not stupid enough to know that he has alternative reasons to keep his nose clean.

    Greywolf, move on. Let’s not be that team that says that website, blog (newspaper) has it out for us. That’s a long time of bitter.

    It’s a new era. That excuse is no longer needed. Soon this athletic program will be the hunted. People can laugh that off if they want but I see the signs. It’s dynamic. A lot of moving parts. Within the program and across the power 5.


    After 4 or 5 episodes i think hes closer to a bad person than a good person. This isnt all just bad luck. He put himself in these situations and if DD didnt believe there was some serious substance behind this last episode why was he so quick to dismiss him when he hadnt in the past? Maybe riding mopeds on a sidewalk isnt a class d felony but it sure begs the question. I suppose you dont think Jameis Winston is a bad person either


    Once more I will repeat what others have stated. It was the consistant inability to put the team above himself.

    I was a kid who regularly got into trouble. Not once did the thought to “put _________first” (fill in the blank) cross my mind when I pulled one of my stunts. I don’t believe the thought of putting the team first or not ever crossed Shad’s mind. If there was someone there to say it, would putting the team first be his choice? Based on what little actual evidence available I’d say he’d choose to put his team first.

    Our thoughts are not under our control. We have them. We can’t change them either. We can have another, different thought and/or we can think (which is different from ‘having thoughts’).

    Strangely enough it seems as though we don’t have thoughts, thoughts have us — by the back of the neck leading us to do and say things we wouldn’t do or say if we had the presence of mind to actually think of the consequences. And that, ladies, is what I believe was the difficulty Shad had.


    Greywolf, move on. Let’s not be that team that says that website, blog (newspaper) has it out for us. That’s a long time of bitter.

    Good advice. (My wife told me the same thing — just not as nicely as you.)

    I wish it were as easily done as agreeing to do it. I was here during the Valvano years as this rag called the N&O ripped him to shreds without even pretending to not be biased. See, there I go again. ;-(

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