A Couple of Football Notes

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With NC State’s fall camp going on, there are some stories and tidbits that come out. My favorite on this year so far is the awarding of scholarships to Ben Grazen and Graven Locklear.

Always love seeing this videos…even better when it is the Wolfpack doing it!

Also, I saw a really good article on ESPN discussing the backfield that the Wolfpack has.

At last month’s ACC kickoff event, a group of reporters pestered Jacoby Brissett about the talent in NC State’s backfield. This alone is something of a surprise.

Mention elite position groups around the ACC, and the Wolfpack’s running backs aren’t the first that come to mind. Brissett didn’t back down though.

“I’m looking around the country,” he said, “and I’m trying to find anyone better.”

Perhaps Brissett is a bit biased, but he has some numbers on his side.

Backfield Stable:
Hines (moved to slot)

Pretty stacked.

One last note. Even though Fox Sports columnists Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman both think NC State is a darkhorse pick (good stuff on their Audible podcast), they both have State finishing up 8-4 overall and 4-4 in the conference. Feldman in particular really likes Brissett.

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    His goal of 1000 yards got harder. Motivation?

    jimi eno47

    If it is drugs … kick his ass off the team. If it is a campus/traffic /ticket issue, hell … I still can’t get transcripts because of unpaid tickets from ’68.


    Shad’s minor discretion will help the team in the long run. Immediate impact is minor given when it happened.

    10 win floor, assuming the stable count stays constant.


    Looks like Shad belongs in the NBA.


    I saw where Luke “de” Cock at UNC N&O (I meant Charlotte) compared the Shad situation to PJ and how DD should kick him off the team. I must have missed the memo that states team rule violations are equal to felonies and NCAA loss of eligibility. I trust DD as he has earned it. RW … Not so much. He backed PJ right up until he saw NCAA was not going to reinstate him then dropped him. Would hope that parents of recruits would have made that 2+2 connection also.


    The incident on Shad was 6 months ago. The suspension was announce recently. Shad and Doeren probably knew about the suspension if no one else.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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