It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Recently the author group here at SFN were having a discussion that veered off into who had the worst sports experience during their time as a student at NC State. Reminded me of the comparing scars scene in Jaws.

Several of the SFN brain trust made valid points as to why they had it the worst but I thought I’d see if I could crunch some numbers and see if I could find a definitive answer.

So here’s how it works, I’ve created 4 year categories for when you were a student cleverly named “The Class of”, for example I’m in the Class of 1996 so my 4 year group contains 92-93, 93-94, 94-95 and 95-96. Then I calculated the basketball winning percentage for that 4 year time period, did the same for football, then took the average of the two winning percentages. I also limited the rankings to the 53-54 season which is the beginning of the ACC (those first few classes will dip back into our time in the Southern Conference).

They Had It Good – Basketball
When it comes to basketball, the class of 1976 had it best with a record of 100-16 and a winning percentage of .862. They went undefeated as freshman in 1973 and won a national championship in 1974. If your time as a student overlapped with David Thompson or Everett Case, you had it good.

Top 10 Classes
1. 1976 – .862
2. 1975 – .848
3. 1956 – .832
4. 1955 – .794
5. 1957 – .782
6. 1954 – .779
7. 1974 – .775
8. 1958 – .773
9. 1977 – .769
10. 1959 – .760

They Had It Good – Football
For football, the class of 1976 also had it best with a record of 33-12-3 and a winning percentage of .719. If your time as a student overlapped with Dick Sheridan or Philip Rivers, you had it good.

Top 10 Classes
1. 1976 – .719
2. 1995 – .704
3. 2004 – .667
t4. 1993 – .663
t4. 1994 – .663
6. 1992 – .656
7. 1981 – .652
8. 2003 – .640
9. 1975 – .638
10. 1969 – .634

They Had It Good – Both Basketball & Football
Congrats Class of 1976, you had the best 4 year experience as a student when it comes to football (.719) and basketball (.862). If you were in school in the mid-to-late 70s or the mid-2000s, you had it good.

Top 10 Classes
1. 1976 – .790
2. 1975 – .743
3. 1977 – .698
4. 1978 – .649
5. 1974 – .648
6. 1981 – .641
7. 2004 – .633
8. 2006 – .628
9. 2005 – .627
10. 1990 – .626

You Have My Sympathy – Basketball
Class of 1995, you have my sympathy. You experienced the worst 4 years in State basketball history in the ACC era with a record of 43-71 (.377). If Les Robinson was roaming the sideline in Reynolds in his red sweater, you had it rough.

Bottom 10 Classes
1. 1995 – .377
2. 1996 – .400
3. 1994 – .432
4. 1997 – .458
5. 1993 – .492
6. 1998 – .500
7. 2011 – .516
8. 1999 – .531
9. 2010 – .534

You Have My Sympathy – Football
Class of 1955, you also have my sympathy. You experienced the worst 4 years in State football history in the ACC era with a record of 9-31-0 (.225).

Bottom 10 Classes
1. 1955 – .225
t2. 1956 – .263
t2. 1957 – .263
4. 1953 – .313
5. 1986 – .341
6. 1962 – .350
7. 1960 – .363
8. 1985 – .364
9. 1963 – .375
10. 1972 – .381

You Have My Sympathy – Basketball & Football
If you meet someone from the Class of 1963, buy them a drink. They experienced the worst 4 years in State football (.375) and basketball (.539) history in the ACC era.

Bottom 10 Classes
1. 1963 – .457
2. 2010 – .461
3. 1997 – .468
4. 1999 – .477
5. 1998 – .483
6. 1962 – .494
7. 1996 – .497
8. 2009 – .497
9. 1986 – .498
10. 1972 – .501

If you’re curious, the class of 1924 had the worst basketball record at 24-51 (.320), the classes of 1893 and 1894 never lost in football (1-0 and 3-0), and the class of 1925 had the worst average winning percentage of .385 with football at .372 and basketball at .397.

Of course numbers don’t capture everything from your football and basketball memories and experiences as a student. But it is kinda interesting to see which classes should be in the discussion for bragging and complaining rights.

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Graduated from NCSU in 1996 with a degree in statistics. Born and inbred in West "By God" Virginia and now live in Raleigh where I spend my time watching the Wolfpack, the Mountaineers and the Carolina Hurricanes as well as making bar graphs for SFN. I'm @wvncsu on the Twitter machine.

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    I hate it when pessimism is rooted in sound logic with little to counter its conclusions, other than

    john of sparta

    thanks to SFN, i have learned a new expression:
    “DERP”, which is the equivalent to the results of
    the entirety of NCSU athletics during this millennium.


    Sucks to be you guys.

    Luv ya just the same


    I was at state from fall 88 to fall 93. Never lost to the cheating bastards in football, bball was ok but got the experience the beginning of the end after the lynching of V. No one has talked about the sport that we Dominate in and I mean Dominate in Cross-country – shoot we have more mens and womens ACC titles that everyone else combined.


    Yep…same as my time. Thought about adding it, but got lazy.
    No excuse.


    Hey…Let’s face it. Based on WaV’s probe in stats

    There’s a bunch of you guys that really f’d up some good things laid out by your elders.

    Stats don’t lie.


    So my class was 8th worst overall, girlfriend’s was 2nd worst overall. At least now I know I wasn’t imagining things being subpar? 😐


    What if our time at State was ‘extended’ and spans the full gamut of high (mid 80s) to low (mid 90s)????
    We had (and lost) both Valvano/bball and Sheridan/fball.
    At least some of you poor bastards didn’t have any success to measure against and thus never knew what you were missing.

    And ‘Dog….I’ll just keep quiet on the thread and tell you privately what I think of your last post. 😀


    Seriously…the Penn State 54-yard FG (I was there, and remember vividly the contrast between how loud the crowd was, followed by dead silence) is my first childhood memory. Foreshadowing!


    The Golden Coral out by Mission Valley had a picture of Bo Rein right after he and Paterno shook hands after that game. The look on his face said it all.

    Manu Ginobili

    Class of 2006 here. I wouldn’t have imagined that we are top 10, it seemed that we always fell short at everything (excluding the ND game, of course).

    Best memory goes back to a couple of years ago though. I was back in grad school, my sister was a freshman, only year we spent together at State. We went to that Maryland game, when we were down by something like 50 points. I told my sister to take a picture of the scoreboard because we were coming back. I’m kidding you not. Everyone left, except Mr. Wuf and the cheerleaders. I believe Ms. Wuf left too. But we came back, I probably high fived more than anytime in my life. I was there with my sister to see it. Good times.


    I was there for Valvano (including our last tourney title) and Sheridan (including Kramer’s extra play Hail Mary to Peebles). That reminds me, if you met Kramer during this time, you’ll remember he was Russell Wilson before Russell Wilson. He looked so young, I thought he was a freshman when I first met him. It wasn’t until Naz and some of the other players walked up that I realized who I was talking to. That’s how unpretentious and ‘down to earth’ (forgive the cliche) he was. But anyway, I digress. Our soccer teams (men’s team reached #1 ranking) and ladies basketball were top 10 during that time too. Turner was the baseball coach. Track and Olympic sports were solid, and let’s not forget the Wildcats’ Tab Thacker!

    Relatively speaking, I had it pretty darn good. Thanks for pointing that out. But considering the history since, I’m not sure if I feel better or worse.


    Just remembered two more field goals starting with the 1986 Peach Bowl. We were in the process of moving back to the east coast and my brother was a junior or senior at State. He got us tickets and we watched the fake injury to stop the clock and the VT field goal to win the game.

    For me, the Tom Reed years were reduced to quick updates from my mom whenever we talked on the phone. After three years of that crap, my brother and his friends were just happy to have beaten UNC and played in a bowl.

    My son and I went to Blacksburg in 2004 for the first State/VT ACC game. We were standing at the exit and got a good view of the missed VT FG as time expired.


    BJD95, I, too, was there for the Whopper of a Stopper of a win by PSU. Could NOT believe it. Had my 8 or so YO son with me. Really a downer.

    However, there is also the Miracle in Death Valley where there was an offsides penalty at the end of the Textile Bowl game (1987?… I could be WRONG….) Since a game can NOT end on a penalty, Shane Montgomery hurled the tater for all that he was worth and it was caught by Danny Peebles….and we WON the game – 30 – 8. It was also quiet in Death Valley that day….so a little of the PSU sting was salved.

    IF I am correct in the year, we were 4 – 7, but we beat Clemson

    I lost the reference to the article…..but I remember the game….just a little fuzzy on the year and the participants…


    ^^^ Oops. Wow. Forgive me… Tanner, not Turner was the baseball coach. Major major apologies to Coach Tanner. Wow. I deserve a flogging for that slip up.


    IF I am correct in the year, we were 4 – 7, but we beat Clemson

    You are correct. The year we lost to a direction Tennessee school but beat a powerful Clemson team by going up 30-0 at half and holding on to win 30-28. Or something like that.


    Since a game can NOT end on a penalty, Shane Montgomery hurled the tater for all that he was worth and it was caught by Danny Peebles….and we WON the game

    Are you talking about the game against South Carolina in Raleigh? Kramer to Peebles on an untimed play to end the game?

    but I remember the game….just a little fuzzy on the year and the participants…

    I feel your fuzziness. Here is a great link for football history (and fading memories):

    The year-by-year records just helped me chase down another game against VT that came down to a last-second FG.

    It was 1992 and about 20 State/Tech grads and spouses/dates from work got block seats for the game. State was down three and attempted a FG for the tie on the last play of the game. It was the ugliest looking kick that I have ever seen go through the uprights. When we got home and watched the 11 pm news, they showed that the ball had been tipped at the LOS, but went through anyway.


    There’s one bit of positive trivia in that – NC State was the only school to ever beat a Danny Ford-coached Clemson team three years in a row (1986-88). And remember, they had an annual series with Georgia back then.

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