Time: 9:00pm
TV: ACC Network
Announcers: Tim Brando, Mike Gminski
Officials: Jamie Luckie, Ray Natili, Michael Stephens

Wow they are tall, FSU is the 2nd tallest team in the nation. Once again Hamilton has himself another highly efficient defensive team, that is the second best in the nation at 2fg defense and 17th in shot blocking. There is one area where everyone on this team struggles…turnovers, they have an inability to hold onto the ball.

Probable Starters:
#1 Devon Bookert (6-3 185 SO) Guard – Behind Miller, Bookert is FSU’s biggest three point threat.
#32 Montay Brandon (6-7 216 SO) Guard – Nothing screams special about Brandon, he does his job and produces even if it’s not above average. A solid player any team needs.
#10 Okaro White (6-8 204 SR) Forward – White, IMHO, is the biggest threat facing the Pack not named Miller. White does everything well, too many to list.
#14 Robert Gilchrist (6-9 220 SR) Forward – Gilchrist doesn’t do a whole lot and he’s not that good at what he does, so he’s up for the latest “unknown player has career day against the Pack.”
#15 Boris Bojanovsky (7-3 235 SO) Center – Ahhh the battle of 7 foot foreigners. Boris shoots the ball well around the rim (.635) and is a quality shot blocker.

#30 Ian Miller (6-3 198 SR) Guard – Miller is the Seminoles leading scorer and leads the team in possessions, all without starting a single game this year. While his average ORtg of 106.1 doesn’t scream ALL ACC he’s their heart and soul. No telling where he’s going to score from since he’s taken just as many shots inside the arc as outside.
#25 Aaron Thomas (6-5 195 SO) Guard – Thomas comes off the bench but he plays a lot of minutes, 70% of them to be precise. Expect to hear his name a lot because while he may not shoot a lot from behind the arc, he’s effective there, but he’s very active around the basket and gets to the FT line a lot and shoots them both very well.
#50 Michael Ojo (7-1 292 SO) Center – He’s not much of a scorer and has a sub-90 ORtg but he’s a strong rebounder and shot blocker.
#5 Jarquez Smith (6-9 225 FR) Forward – Uhhhhhh…He’s the only freshman that plays. That’s about all I got.

Series Notes:
– NC State leads the series 28-22.
– Current Streak: FSU = 1
– Last 5 Games: FSU has won 4 out of the last 5 meetings.
– Last game in Raleigh: Feb. 19, 2013 – NCSU won 84-66
– Last Meeting: March 9, 2013, Tallahassee – FSU won 71-67: Florida State’s Devon Bookert scored a career-high 18 points and Michael Snaer added 17 as Florida State fought back from an eight-point deficit in the second half to defeat North Carolina State 71-67 on March 9, 2013 at the Donald L. Tucker Center in Tallahassee in the regular-season finale for both teams. A pair of free throws by Bookert gave the Seminoles their first lead of the second half at 57-55. He then added a jumper with 2:01 left to snap a tie at 62 with 2:01 left and three free throws in the final 1:23 of the see-saw contest featuring nine lead changes and nine ties. Snaer broke away and caught a length-of-the court pass from Okaro White for an uncontested dunk that gave Florida State a 67-63 lead with 32 seconds left after both teams suffered turnovers in previous possessions with the lead on the line. Richard Howell’s 3-point play with 21 seconds left got the ‘Pack to within 67-66. He scored off a missed 3 by Wood and was fouled on the put back.

Who Has The Advantage?

It’s never a good sign when everything that equates to actually putting the ball into the basket the other team is better at defending then you scoring. Lots of facepalms tonight. Remember when I’ve talked about Shot Blockers make the worst Rebounders?

Once again defensive rebounding will be key. I do wonder one thing, do you really have an advantage when you suck less than the other team?

KenPom likes FSU by 4. It’s going to be tough for the Pack to get a decent shot around the basket and if we can’t hit jumpers it’s going to be a long night. I say the Noles by double digits.

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    CUZ still needs to learn how to work and play well with others….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Nice to have the kids get a tangible result for all the hard work. I really didn’t think we would see .500 again after the 1-4 start. Great job, players and staff.

    Ditto that.


    Great top 50 RPI win! A lot of positives from this game. V-berg and the Barber/Lewis split are really starting to come together. Giving up a 15 free throw advantage is a sure fire way to lose, but they managed to gut it out. Things are starting to come together, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they can do from here on out. Actually improving is refreshing.


    If anyone needs some help getting to sleep after all that excitement, az state is playing on espnu


    stat of the season…

    ANTHONY, Dez and Tyler combine for 15 assists and ONE turnover…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Twerps 74 — Canes 71

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Wake Forest decides to join the .500 club.


    Hell bjd – look at kyle Washington.

    Great game. Tyler played the point awesome tonight. Warren has to play smarter with 4 fouls.

    Great job by the staff tonight. Scrappy win for this squad…and guess what…welcome to the bubble nc state!


    ‘Cuse pulling away from the our beloved Deacs…

    Oh well.. they did not embarrass themselves.

    Who do we play next ???

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    Participant’re not seriously asking that are you?


    Hell bjd – look at kyle Washington.

    Yup, that kid’s game is quite old school too. In many ways, our team reflects the style of the league’s 1970s “glory days.”


    Great effort tonight. The three guard line up to burn clock and manufacture some points was the key to the win.

    If you watched our half court offense tonight you could really see that the newcomers are starting to get comfortable with how things are supposed to work.

    Freeman did an awesome job in the first half when we had Vandy and Anya both out. That guy never takes a play off. Neither does Dez.


    I think so. I love tj’s game it is so efficient. Washington has a great cockiness to him. This is the team I was hoping for this year. These guys are getting tougher and tougher. Hopefully cat keeps his confidence.

    Team is deep and has more athletes than any team we have had in a while

    Not a big NBA fan – but lebron and Durant put on a show tonight.


    — naw… just kidding…

    IF we play Saturday like we have for the last 2 and one half games… (first half tonight excluded)…
    AND if Cuz decides to play the entire game….
    AND if we handle the extra distractions well that only come around two or three times a year…
    (remember…. Dez, Washington, Freeman and Anya have only ‘heard’ about State-Carolina games, and have never played in the Dean Dome)

    THEN …. We should be in good position in the last four minutes to win the game.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Given the Blue-like FT disparity, I can’t be more pleased with the way our guys, everyone, stepped up, made plays, didn’t get too down despite the striped advantage to FSU. The offense only bogged down a few times the entire game. Decent rebounding, gave up a few too many open looks but cannot be happier with the determination of the team. Also, KW is going to be quite a leader on this team.


    Great win at home. These guys continue to impress with the toughness and spunk they display.

    Lewis and Dez really ran the backcourt well and you saw a team that could face man or zone with equal confidence.

    I just like their attitude (with exception to TJ’s occasional lapses). They know that they are in a war and don’t shy from the challenge.

    The zone has given the team a tool to adjust to the flow of the game and keeps us from not being as suspect on D, though we still have a lot of room for growth on that end.


    Kyle Washington is so much better than earlier this season. His trajectory and skill set matched with Gotts offense has got me excited for the future. He just needs to add some strength and finish moves around the tin. His defense and rebounding are already way ahead of where anyone here could hoped for.


    I really like KW and his play. Dez is a play maker (still a little wild) and looked good tonight .

    Lewis…so excited to see him finally make the most of his time. He runs the offense very well and has NO Problem creating plays. Drives and passes well (which is his strong point). Yes his 3 shot needs improvement but he is a true PG. He has earned his spot for good minutes maybe even the starting role. CAT will continue to improve and seems to do well playing together with Lewis. I think the “bigs” like it when Lewis is in the game to feed them those great passes.

    Turner has to be more consistent with the 3 but still looks promising. Plus he spreads the defense.


    Yeah buddy. I had a good feeling about the game when I had to bounce at halftime. Just looking at the boxscore, I like the rebounds and I like the 73% FTs. And Buckets, goodness.


    I am thrilled with that win. I am sure the cheats will be ready to play us. One thing you have to respect about Roy he wants to beat us badly.

    Quick stat:
    There is one constant in the three games Buckets has fouled out of. I will give you one lucky guess as to what it is.


    A ref named Luckie?

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    This is the first time in four games that we have been able to beat Luckie.

    NCCU, Pitt and WF were the others

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