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With the large traffic that SFN generates, one of the best ways that we can ‘give back’ to the broader NC State Community is to use our platform to keep to our readers updated on happenings around campus.  (Speaking of large traffic, we’ve hit a milestone that we’d like to celebrate with you by clicking here.)

Since we aren’t planning on hiding our fondness for Chancellor Randy Woodson or Athletics Director Debbie Yow anytime soon, we’ll continue to follow Chancellor Woodson when we can.  Today, we had a couple of items to supplement this interesting conversation regarding a ‘town center’ on Centennial Campus.

This Red House

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Construction is in full swing on a new chancellor’s residence on Centennial Campus. Located near the Park Alumni Center, the new house will be home to Wolfpack gatherings for years to come.

The 8,500-square foot, $3 million building is being financed with private gifts. When it’s finished about this time next year, it will replace the current chancellor’s residence, built  in 1928, when modern amenities like air conditioning were unknown.

To follow the progress on the new residence, visit This Red House, a blog from University Communications that features interesting facts, photos, videos and interviews about the home’s design and construction.

A watercolor rendering of the exterior of the new chancellor's residence

Here’s a preview of the exterior of the new chancellor’s residence.

Building on Tradition

Marvin Malecha, dean of the College of Design, designed the new residence.

“When people come up to the residence, they’ll have an immediate feeling of familiarity—that this is what a home feels like,” he said. “We’re using traditional landscaping and traditional materials. But when you walk into the house, you’ll see it is more modern than you’d think.

“That was a struggle for us—to use familiar forms but with a modern expression. But I think this design does it. It will speak to the roots of NC State, but also to what the university has become.”

The lower level of the residence will be the public portion of the home, where large receptions and events will be held for NC State students, employees, alumni and friends. The second floor will serve as the living quarters for the chancellor’s family.

Given the fact that the last chancellor’s home has been in use for 82 years, Malecha says he was mindful that one of the future celebrations at the residence could be NC State’s 200th anniversary.

Ice Cream Dream

Click here for a conversation and topic you may enjoy. Video included below.

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4 Responses to SFN’s ‘Chancellor Corner’

  1. packalum44 11/11/2010 at 12:07 AM #

    “8,500-square foot, $3 million building”

    That’s dirt cheap for a building of this magnitude. Glad this is finally getting built I’ve been hearing about it for 5 plus years. Centennial Campus is beautiful – for those who have not been back recently, I recommend you visit.

  2. Daily Update 11/11/2010 at 6:27 AM #

    The Chancellor is going to have a tough time visiting Players Retreat from his new location.

  3. coach13 11/11/2010 at 11:56 AM #

    approx. $350 / sq.ft.

  4. GAWolf 11/11/2010 at 3:02 PM #

    Woodson is so awesome. He’s just a cool, cool guy. It’s not very often you find that kind of personality in an “academic.” We’re lucky to have him.

    On one occasion I briefly talked to him and his wife at a sporting event… though it’s hard to believe, she’s cooler than he is!

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