BeeJay Anya leads the Pack block party against Jacksonville

2014.03_BeeJay Anya & Lennard Freeman vs St Louis

Tonight, BeeJay Anya set a NC State record with 10, yes 10, blocked shots. He almost recorded a triple double, adding 7 points and 8 rebounds as the Wolfpack trounced Jacksonville 79-43. Caleb Martin lead the team with 15 points off the bench, Lennard Freeman added a double double of 10 points and 12 rebounds, but the story was Anya. When Kyle Washington picked up an quick two fouls, Anya was inserted into the game. The Wolfpack, who briefly trailed 5-2, took control with a 14-0 run that turned into a 22-2 run that ended any thought of the Dolphins pulling an upset. The Pack was a unheard of +30 in rebound margin (57-27). In one possession, Anya blocked not one, not two, not three, but four shots. The crowd went crazy.

As great as Anya played on Thursday night, you can’t overlook the performance of Lennard Freeman and Caleb Martin. I remember looking up at the scoreboard just a couple of minutes into the game and recognizing that Freeman already had 4 rebounds while State had like 2 points. Freeman ultimately logged a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Martin showed a propensity to help the Pack where we desperately need it most – stretching the floor with outside shooting – as he nailed 3 of 5 three pointers and finished with 15 points on 6 of 10 shooting.

What didn’t work for State? You guessed it — free throw shooting. State was just 18 of 28 from the charity stripe and has a long way to go in this department.

The Pack has a couple of days to get ready for South Florida (3-0) in PNC Arena on Sunday afternoon at 4pm on ESPNU. The Bulls defeated UAB last night by a basket and previously took down Jackson State (common opponent with NC State) by 9 points.

You can check out Anya’s blocks in the first video below and then a full package of highlights (which definitely focus on Beejay’s big bight) in the second video. FWIW — your viewing of videos that we link (like this one that didn’t get on until late yesterday) goes a long way to enhancing our relationship with USA Today and therefore a long way to getting NC State more coverage.


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    Tonight, BeeJay Anya set a NC State record with 10, yes 10, blocked shots. He almost recorded a triple double, adding 7 points and 8 rebounds as the W
    [See the full post at: BeeJay Anya leads the Pack block party against Jacksonville]



    If you find the recent games boring and miss the days of excitement vs. weak teams, I just found a link to last year’s game vs. UNCG – amazingly it works!



    This was fun to watch, and even though the level of competition was about as low as it’s going to get, there was some stuff to take away from the game.

    – We were much more patient against the zone this game. We didn’t always get great looks, but we moved the ball side-to-side a lot better, and didn’t settle for tough shots early in the shot clock.
    – Positive: We got a ton of point-blank looks at the rim. Negative: We missed a whole ton of them. I’m more encouraged by the former than I am worried about the later. If you’re getting great looks, you’ll figure it out eventually.
    – The Martin twins have a ton of potential as valuable swingmen, and it looks like Caleb might be ready to be a real contributor this season. They both use their length really well playing defense on the ball.
    – Abu is going to be awesome eventually. He really does have an NBA body right now. He’s also shown off some really good passing instincts. He’s super raw right now though, and just doesn’t really know what he’s doing if it’s anything other than catching and dunking. He’s going to be a monster in a year or two though.
    – We do not throw lobs very well
    – Ralston Turner…man, he just cannot play defense. It’s brutal to watch.
    – Beejay Anya. That is all.
    – Maybe it will change as we start running into some walls later in the season, but this team is so much fun to watch. They’re young, energetic, and look like they genuinely love playing together. Even our bench mob is like the perfect end-of-bench guys. They don’t just go out and want to get up as many shots as they can in their 3 minutes of mop-up time, they want to do it with as much flair as possible. So much fun to watch.



    Who is that guy wearing #21 and what have they done with Anya? That guy, Anya, has done some serious off season work. Not only has he lost the weight which is impressive enough but he is running the court. In one instance he lead the break — Okay, he looked more like a lead blocker for Cat Barber than a BB player but he was hustling never the less.

    And he lead the cheerleading on the bench. All the scholarship players looked genuinely excited and happy for any success the walk-ons’ had. And I like that.

    C Jr. looked like I remember C Sr. looking on the court but too few times to have any hope for him developing. Who knows?

    NC State Wolfpack - Awakening giant since 2012


    One game does not a season make…
    And these early ‘soft’ games never tell the whole story…
    they are kinda like cutting a diamond… you only see one face (of the Team) at a time…

    The back story of last night’s game lies in these numbers…
    We see two things…

    1. We have more quality depth than with any other Team in the GOTT era..
    and we should and will lean heavily on on Bench….

    2. Our starters – as a unit – played terrible last night and that’s putting it politely…
    which goes to pregame attitude and the fact they are still working some things out in the chemistry department…

    All of them except, Freeman, appear to have something else other than Team basketball on their minds, or they are looking at the bench when they ought to be looking at each other….

    I’m sure GOTT and Company will be reviewing the same numbers with the TEAM this morning…

    #ForEighteenYears? #WeGottDis.pack! #STATEment


    Good things about last night

    1) We got a lot of practice against the zone. We need a lot more, but they showed signs of understanding how it should be done. I think the bigs still need to figure out their part. Like last year, we will probably see it most games.
    2) Trevor is sneaky good. You hardly noticed him last night, but he got 5 PT, 7 RB, 5 AST, 2 STL against one TO. He gets stuff done, and will only get better.
    3) Only four guys played well, Caleb, BeeJay, Trevor and Nard.
    4) It seemed like we started out playing down to the competition, which has been a characteristic of Gott teams. But we picked it up and got 79 points – that’s what we hope to get most games.Probably should have been more, but the first 10 mins looked like it was going to be a 50 point game.

    Granted, it is early. But lots of big ugly, game-costing, flaws. FT shooting, turnovers, FG shooting are the most worrisome.



    I wonder if there has EVER been a “FOUR Blocked Shots within one series” like we saw last night? That was unbelievable…and I was there.

    It was an interesting game….off to a slow start…then turned into a rout…which is what we need. Mikey and ORW do it all the time to teach the “pups” the thrill of victory.

    I had a copy of an old media guide on my phone and had looked up the most blocked shots in a game record. 9 was the record held by Fuller (V. William & Mary) and Bailey (V. West Virginia). Thurl’s record was against a WVU in the early 1982-83 (YES….THAT season…as in NCAA Champs). I can not quite follow the “syntax” of the statistics. However, we won 67 – 59 on a Neutral court. WVU later won their Conf Tournament and went to the NCAA and Lefty’s bunch knocked them out in the first round.

    BJ’s record will go down in the books without an asterick….I LOVE to see him play and admire what he did in the off season. It will be interesting to see if he breaks one of the Season records or Career records for Blocked Shots..

    GO PACK…



    My prediction that ALMKH would be first-team all-ACC defense (and maybe DPOY) looks pretty good!



    Maybe I’m overreacting but I’m really worried about the offense. The last 3 halves have been pretty terrible for shooting. Ever since the opponent has really starting pushing a zone D. I’ve seen an incredibly large number of missed shots from within 3 feet. This is where Warren was so vital last year. He roamed the basket area, got those misses, and put them back with incredible accuracy. Hopefully Anya and Abu can do that for us this year. Our D is much better than last year so hopefully the O will catch up.

    If all these pieces we’ve seen can come together, this can be a very dangerous team come March.



    Maybe I’m overreacting but I’m really worried about the offense. The last 3 halves have been pretty terrible for shooting.

    @nav.. No you’re not…. it’s too early to worry, even ‘concerned’ might be too much… but ^This is exactly what we need to keep our eyes on… especially with the “Starters”…

    Poor shooting == Bad shot selection == Poorly run offensive sets…
    Breaking them down on Offense does not seem to be much of a challenge, especially in the half court set…
    especially when they are hesitant about who is going to do what when.

    I didn’t get to watch or listen last night…
    Who was playing the point…Mr. Dog or Mr.Cat ?
    From the box score… it’s looks like Mr. Dog was..

    And I probably ought to get used to a guard (Mr. Dog) being the Team’s second leading rebounder (among the current starting five )…
    but I would like to see an early game where both Freeman and Washington were dominant… not just one or other…

    If not… then I’m thinking we will see Anya or Caleb or possibly both in the starting lineup by the first of January.

    #ForEighteenYears? #WeGottDis.pack! #STATEment


    And these early ‘soft’ games never tell the whole story…

    I know no more than the average fan when it comes to the sport of basketball, but I suspect Hofsta proves to be a bit more through the course of the season.

    Our starters – as a unit – played terrible last night

    Yep, however, reading between the lines of comments Gott made in pregame, I think the plan going in acknowledged the chasm of talent disparity. I think the priority of the game was to get the younger players an abundance of quality minutes on the court OVER execution refinement.

    Just a hunch based on my coach speak interpreter.



    We have a few lunch pail guys who are really unselfish, and the team as whole appears to be having a good time and rooting for one another. It will be interesting to see how that evolves over the season, and if others recognize their roles and/or accept roles, perhaps as they change.

    The backcourt is set. But 3-5 could very well change a good deal, game to game, or over the course of the season. I don’t think we’ll be a defensive juggernaut based on what I’ve seen and Gottfried’s past record, but a team with a defensive efficiency in the top 30-40 is possible if we stay healthy. Shot selection, ball movement against the zone, and turnovers will determine how well we perform on the other end. We go as Cat goes.



    Get off on your bad self, Anya!!! You are the man!

    I have no data points, or stats, or facts or anything else to support my belief that this team goes deep in the NCAAT. I think the St. Louis game pays a very late, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME, dividend. Go Pack!

    And Anya, I expect you will break your own record sooner than later.



    ^foose… if that was the case… Coach setting the table for the young guys… and I’m not saying that it was not the case….

    Then what we should have seen was 10-15 minutes right from the start of quality ball from the starters…
    and a 23 to 6 to 4 kinda score at the ten minute mark of the first half… then the kids playing for the next twenty five minutes…

    We’ve seen three games… and we’ve seen
    1. Dog and Cat dominate one game…
    2. Freeman get some rebounds every game..
    3. Lacy get points, assists and a bunch of rebounds every game…
    4. the best, so far, and the worst, maybe, of Caleb – over three games…
    5. Anya have a career (so far) game in limited minutes – one game…


    Come January… we GOTT to have four out of five of these (exceeding the worst of Caleb) every game… and I think we will be close to that point by then… and as Fast68 suggests this TEAM could be a lot of fun to watch in March..

    The big missing pieces are Turner, Dez and Washington…
    The rest of the bench will only continue to get better…
    the WildCard is ANTHONY…

    #ForEighteenYears? #WeGottDis.pack! #STATEment
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