TJ Warren’s Case for POY and All-American

TJ Warren ACC Player of the Year?

It’s good to see NC State Sports Marketing doing something to promote one of their own as they’ve put out the following infographic supporting TJ Warren’s case for POY & All-American. I always felt like we’ve missed some opportunities in the past to push some of our greats to the media/general public.

Honestly, I feel like TJ has a legit shot at ACC Player of the Year and that is due 99% to the way he’s been playing as of late and 1% to the twitter rage that has gone on over the last few weeks about TJ not once having won Player of the Week honors from the league. I firmly believe it has opened the eyes of the voters and we’ve already seen one ACSMA member annouce he voted for Warren.

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TJ Warren ACC Player of the Year?

TJ Warren ACC Player of the Year?

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    It’s good to see NC State Sports Marketing doing something to promote one of their own as they’ve put out the following infographic supporting TJ Warr
    [See the full post at: TJ Warren’s Case for POY and All-American]



    Not once player of the week? Who the hell votes? Never mind. Asked and answered. Obama got elected…twice.



    I think our offensive strategy for the ACC tourney should be give the ball to TJW and clear out. Possession after possession after possession. Based on his +50% for the game. I’ll take that everytime assuming we can play some damn D and some benchwarmer for the other team does not have the night of his life (which happens far too ofter against State).

    BTW, I only partially kid about this strategy.



    You know, I wouldn’t have said that TJ was ACC PoY until these last couple weeks. What he’s done the last 4 games has been incredible. I’m a big proponent of judging guys based on what they’ve done, not on who their teammates are. Team performance matters, but only if its a close contest. This is the same reason I argued for Erik Green last year, he was just so clearly better than everybody else in the league, it didn’t matter if his team sucked.

    If you were looking at the entire season, you could argue Parker or Patterson (from Pitt), but just looking at ACC, it isn’t close. Parker’s scoring and efficiency really dropped off in the first half of conference play. Patterson’s play fell off a cliff. K.J. McDaniels has been great, but he’s not the same caliber scorer that TJ is, and his team isn’t any better. Ennis is great, but his success is largely attributable to his team, and that narrative has faded with their losses. Paige has come on late, but statistically he’s just not in the same league, and he struggled a lot at the beginning of conference play.

    There’s no other fantastic candidate, they all have significant flaws. TJ has taken on by far the biggest load, and he’s been more efficient than anyone else in doing so. It’s also not like State has been a disappointment in terms of preseason expectations, or been a disaster like VaTech was last year. Unless you’re going to obstinately argue the stupid position that the PoY has to be a top 3 team or some such nonsense, I don’t think there is a real strong case for anyone else.



    Give it to him! He clearly deserves it!



    Is the vote before or after the tournament ??

    #ForEightteen-NineteenTwentyYears? #WeMightGottDis-WeMightNOT.pack! #STATEment



    vote is for the regular season, so, before the tournament. From what I see, very few are going to vote for him. Listening to DG today, both Mike Decoursey and Jerry Palm are in the John Goodman camp, no NCAA, no POY.

    Naturally, all of them thought Eric Green should have won it last year.



    I found the fact that he leads in scoring and FG% amazing. Both Grant and Tim Duncan won ACC POY.

    TJ’s not only a scorer, he’s highly efficient. He’s not a high volume guy and that is quite rare.

    This league would be even more of a sham than it already is if a high volume scorer like Eric Green can win ACC POY while on a wretched team, but a highly efficient scorer like Warren doesn’t from an average team.

    Warren’s numbers should also put him in the national All American race as a well. It will be a darn shame if the weakness of this league and our bubble status holds him back.



    Amen. Time to toot our own horn proudly.



    Votes due Sunday. He sure as shit has my vote.

    IMH(but correct)O, anyone who votes for anyone other than Buckets or Paige should be summarily executed.



    (NCSU, 1979) Now that I’ve finally weeded thru all the info ads about the Obama refinance options and can offer my biased comments: Its time for our Athletic Dept to have some balls (no pun intended) and make a vocal stand for NC STATE……. 20 plus years of hugging the bottom of the rum barrel (maybe that’s just me), but as mentioned above, TJ hasn’t been Player of the Week all year? Really? That’s frigging criminal. Its about frigging time that someone SCREAMS POY!!!! If the selection is dependent on the Team performance, rename the God Darn award. Do the “voters” have there names published? If he’s not listed as a #1 or #2 on every ballot, exclude a Press Pass to the frigging voter, he’s not an unbiased participant and he’s not going to be any help to NCSU athletic except in a negative manner because he probably received his journalism degree at UNCheat!!! Oh, wait, is Roy still laying on the friggin floor and still hasn’t been T’d…… what a fu king joke!!! Wheres the Rum …….



    “This league would be even more of a sham than it already is if a high volume scorer like Eric Green can win ACC POY while on a wretched team, but a highly efficient scorer like Warren doesn’t from an average team.”

    Correction: Green was a super efficient scorer in addition to being high-volume. Like, even more efficient than TJ has been this season (on account of being a much better FT and 3PT shooter). He also had even less help around him than TJ has had. Not to take anything away from TJ (as I said, he’s PoY in my book), but Green was crazy good last season.



    First of all, I have no idea why any members of the Anti-Coagulation Self-Monitoring Alliance, American Canine Sports Medicine Association or Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Association would even get to vote on this award. But I guess they are since that’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with for TJ not getting votes for an individual honor due to the team’s performance.

    I used the Google machine and could not find any official criteria for the ACC POY award. If anyone knows what they are, please post them.



    I feel like TJ has a legit shot at ACC Player of the Year

    The official ACC POY? Considering who votes, I say not a chance.



    I think some of ya’ll might be in for a big surprise.

    Like Beej, though, if Paige gets it…ain’t gotta problem.



    ^ Hope so.



    He aint gonna get it, because…

    UNX/Duke game is Saturday.

    Sunday morning’s darling will get the most votes. Vitale will mention TJ during that game, but he’ll support someone else. TJ will get out hyped.



    Maybe Paige will lay an egg and wrap it up for TJ.



    Here’s my argument FOR TJW.

    Warren hasn’t been BENCHED this year. JABARI was benched (due to poor play) @ Notre Dame which resulted in a loss. I think he’s also been sat another time, just can’t remember the opponent.

    TJ plays BOTH halves. He’s not going to sneak up on anyone like PAIGE. Our man shows up from the get go!

    Oh, he’s also scores a sh!+ load of points.



    Here’s the scenario that wins…

    1. 50% of the voters haven’t seen CUZ play more than two or three games… but two of those are ‘Cuse and VaTech…

    2. with expansion… 60% of the voters don’t live in North Carolina….

    4. there are four name at the top of the list… (not in any order) CUZ, Paige, the kid from Pitt and Parker…

    5. The kid from Pitt is the longshot….

    6. Split vote… from one to four … it’s something like 40% , two thirty-somethings (%) and a mid twenty(%)…

    As mentioned above somewhere I’m sure….
    It all comes down to three things ….

    First, CUZ needs to get thirty AND State beats BC by double figures Sunday…

    But what happens Sat night… may have already determined the outcome…

    If Paige gets less than 15 and *NC loses… Paige drops one notch…
    If Parker gets in foul trouble and gets less than 15… regardless of who wins.. Parker drops a notch…

    If both…. it’s could be CUZ’s to lose on Sunday…

    And if it’s one of those 95-93 winonthelastshot games… and if either Paige or Parker have career games and his team wins… that kid is gonna be tough to beat…

    #ForEightteen-NineteenTwentyYears? #WeMightGottDis-WeMightNOT.pack! #STATEment



    Foose, that clip is one of my favorite movie bits of all times. I still say “deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it” all the damned time.



    Most the local media I am hearing would vote for TJ hands down. I think he is going to get it, I really do.



    Mine too.



    Mark Titus at Grantland has him as PoY and “there’s not a close second”. He’s got a nice write-up on Warren’s “old-man game” (which is a great description of what he does).



    Tony Bennett has to be ACC COY. No? Probably won’t even be close.

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