Time: 3:00 pm
TV: ACC Network
Announcers: Steve Martin, Mike Gminski

NC State kicks off a three game road trip, starting with flying to New York to play Syracuse in the Carrier Dome. The Pack have had some big successes in the Carrier Dome. Who can forget 1998 and Torry Holt?

Last Time Out:
Syracuse traveled to Pitt and escaped with their #1 ranking and undefeated record still intact when Tyler Ennis drains a long three as time expires to win 58-56.

ZONE, ZONE, and more ZONE. The Pack’s worst nightmare matchup (outside of trying to beat UNC at its own game without the horses to match them) has finally arrived, athletic, talented, big men who are quick and play tough zone defense and control the tempo at their slowed down pace. Gee, what DON’T they do well? Defensive Rebounding, that’s it folks. Basketball is all about matchups and momentum, M&M. (oh boy do I love the peanut variety) The Pack simply matches up poorly against the Orange so if they Pack play their typical game it will be another typical blowout against a top ranked team.

Probable Starters:
#5 CJ Fair (6-8 215 SR) Forward – Fair is not having the type of season worthy of all the POY talk that he gets but that doesn’t mean he’s not All ACC material. He only has an ORtg of 102 and an average rebounding rate and his shooting (eFG) is only 47.2%.
#11 Tyler Ennis (6-2 180 FR) Guard – Ennis is one seriously talented freshman point guard. He sports an assist rate of 32.3% coupled with a turnover rate of only 13.3. This kid is solid at running the Orange and he can play defense and score too. Ennis is just as dangerous as Fair.
#10 Trevor Cooney (6-4 195 SO) Guard – Three Point Specialist, 72% of his shots come from outside the arc and he’s good at making them (.433). Give up the 2 in favor of not letting him shoot 3’s.
#25 Rakeem Christmas (6-9 250 JR) Forward – Christmas is a shot blocking, rebounding machine that may only take 4 or 5 shots a game he’ll make most of them (.684).
#3 Jerami Grant (6-8 210 SO) Forward – Grant became the starter after DaJuan Coleman was lost for the season back in early January due to a knee injury. Grant may not have started the season as the starter but he’s proven to be a quality player. Must be nice to have a guy come off the bench and give you an ORtg of 118, rebound, block, and score.

#12 Baye Keita (6-10 220 SR), #0 Michael Gbinije (6-7 200 SO), #21 Tyler Roberson (6-8 212 FR)

All are good rebounders and Keita is a shot blocker. We’re likely to see more of Keita and Gbinije than Roberson.

Keys to the Pack winning:

Three things the Pack must do differently to have a chance at winning:

1. Defensive Rebounding. Limit their second chances due to fewer possessions.
2. Get to the FT Line and make a high percentage of them.
3. Make a high percentage of 3’s to give Warren room to move inside.

Bonus Key: Guards handle the pressure and not turn the ball over.

Magic Number: 65
NC State is 15-3 when they score 65 or more points this season.
Syracuse has only allowed 6 teams to score 65 or more points this season.

Another Magic Number: 25
NC State is 8-0 when TJ Warren scores 25 or more points this season.

One More Magic Number: 50
NC State is 9-0 when they shoot 50% or better.

Series Notes:

NC State is 1-4 against Syracuse

12/4/90 #4 Syracuse 86, NC State 79 (at Syracuse)
2/3/01 #12 Syracuse 54, NC State 53 (at PNC)
12/8/01 NC State 82, #9 Syracuse 68 (at Syracuse)
2/13/11 #8 Syracuse 65, NC State 59 (at Syracuse)
12/17/12 #1 Syracuse 88, NC State 72 (at PNC)

Fun Facts

- NC State has an 8-0 record when shooting the same number or more free throws than its opponents.
- State is 7-1 when making the same or more foul shots.
- State is 15-1 when it shoots better/same as opponent.


I’m still waiting on this “improvement” to show up so I don’t have to keep seeing all these facepalms. Pack Offense vs. Orange Defense, will the Pack turn Syracuse’s Zone into Sunny D or will the Tropicana Concentrate shutdown anything the Pack has?

DE-FEN-SIVE RE-BOUND-ING. I’ll keep saying this until I’m blue in the face or until someone on the coaching staff realizes it’s killing us. The one stat I’ll be looking at to measure our chances. If the Pack’s offense can overcome the zone then defensive rebounding will likely be the deciding factor in the game.


Vegas likes Syracuse by 14. KenPom likes the Orange by 15 and gives State a 7% chance at winning.

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    Time: 3:00 pm TV: ACC Network Announcers: Steve Martin, Mike Gminski NC State kicks off a three game road trip, starting with flying to New York to pl
    [See the full post at: NC STATE at SYRACUSE Preview]



    Leslie Nielsen: “I just want you to know that we’re all counting on you.”



    I’m still waiting on this “improvement” to show up so I don’t have to keep seeing all these facepalms.

    I should have trademarked “waiting on improvement” back in the days of the Great Herb Debate.

    I can’t decide which face-palm I like better….3 Stooges or Stalag 13.

    until someone on the coaching staff realizes it’s killing us.

    Please don’t hold your breath. I would miss your previews.



    Jiga, Do you know how to get your lead pic to show up on the front page?

    On the “new post” or “edit” page down at the bottom right, there is a “featured image” block. Delete the pic from your text and insert it into that window. Then it will show up on the front page and above the twitter/facebook stuff on the article’s page.

    Someone has been inserting pics at a bunch of my articles and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Finally figured it out.

    EDIT: Thanks, I obviously had no idea but now I know…and knowing is half the battle.



    … and for a suitable warm up to tomorrows showdowns…

    tonight we have Desert Storm II….

    #2 Arizona v. the unranked Woodchuckers from Arizona State University…

    game starts at 9:00est… will be over by halftime… so no one will have to stay up late for the finish…
    unless they just watching enjoy HWSNBN wallow in misery…

    Those who are accustomed to doing so…
    can complain all night about the refs tonight and no one will get upset.

    -- bill.onthebeach


    I give the “Woodchuckers” a better chance tonight than I give the Wolfpack tomorrow afternoon.



    Doom followed closely by gloom.

    The Orange by 25.



    ^what about the second half?



    Bout to start 2nd OT for asu zona in Tempe. 57 all.



    Woodchuckers and Wildcats are tied up @57 after 45 minutes….

    say it ain’t so….

    -- bill.onthebeach


    .. and that’s your ballgame.. folks….
    final score Woodchuckers 69 == formerly #2 Arizona 65…

    no trees left in the desert.

    -- bill.onthebeach


    Im calling it, we beat Cuse (somehow) and then we poop the bed against Clemson and VT. It’s only something we could do.



    Going to have to hit a bunch of threes for any chance. And if it is close, expect Cuse to do what Cuse does best in crunch time – win.



    The greatest hurdle to overcome for this team, is making sure the Depends for Men got delivered by Tony Siragusa before they come out of the tunnel.

    That would then be a confident bunch.



    The last time we played Cuse was 12/17/11, not 12/17/12 (not that it matters much, I was just confused b/c I remembered watching that game).



    Depends are too heavy, they’ll only upset our delicate flow…no pun intended. Immodium…the only way to fly.

    Upsets in the air this weekend already.

    ‘Cuse already sweating this one today.



    ‘Cuse already sweating this one today.

    …. Let ‘em sweat…..

    Tip Time has been postponed to SEVEN PM….

    OK… Wufpacker…. you been saying all week we’re gonna WIN this David and Goliath battle.

    Does the delay help us or hurt us ???

    -- bill.onthebeach


    I wondered if the time change was real when I checked ESPN on the phone just now. I doubt it makes any difference.



    Neither….we’ll pound them regardless. But at least ‘Cuse gets 4 extra hours to remain among the ranks of the unbeatens. :D

    Screws up my ability to see the game on real TV in all likelihood though. We’ll see what the local desert ACCNetwork affiliate (yes, seriously) has to say on the matter.

    Hope ESPN3 feed is decent tonight, just in case.



    Game time moved to 7:00 pm……gives us more time to prepare for their zone.



    Game time moved to 7:00 pm……gives us more time to prepare for their zone.

    I think out best shot is to use the extra 4 hours to kidnap Fair, Grant, Ennis and Cooney….and find a nice secluded spot to leave them for dead.

    No wait, I forgot….I think we’re gonna win anyway ;)



    JGalt said… “.. kidnap Fair, Grant, Ennis and Cooney….and find a nice secluded spot ”

    ^I bet Mr. Pearl Necklace knows the perfect strip bar….

    that’s his neck of the woods … and all good dogs know where the bones are buried….

    Besides we all know the best hiding places are right out in the open….where nobody looks…

    -- bill.onthebeach


    My personal preference was to just float ‘em down the Erie Canal.



    “…we beat Cuse (somehow) and then we poop the bed against Clemson and VT.”

    Yep, that sounds like us. For two days we’d be media darlings, then Clemson crushes us and we resume our obscurity.



    ^^ perhaps the lack of criminal intent or culpability was overlooked in my suggestion….

    plus the Orange’s remaining opponents would be most appreciative.


    ^ Don’t look now… but Clempson is up early 16-10 over Mr. Bennett’s #17th ranked ‘Hoos…

    -- bill.onthebeach
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