Barry Jacobs: “NC State’s Jordan Vandenberg emerges on the court”

Barry Jacobs of the News and Observer takes a close look at NC State center Jordan Vandenberg today, and some of the quotes from the article are illuminating not only for the senior center but also for the entire Wolfpack team’s mindset:

“I’m not trying to play for my own personal glory,” he said repeatedly during an interview this week. “I’m trying to get my team somewhere.”

It’s a pretty good read on a player who’s becoming a fan favorite and one who could — get this — possibly break into the Top 10 single-season leaders in blocked shots for the Wolfpack if his current rate continues the rest of the year.  If it does, the Wolfpack team, its coaches and its players may have a nervous Selection Sunday afternoon, hoping to hear its name called.  That’s the goal of this squad, even if it is stated in a low-key manner, but one that is not out of reach should the team stay healthy and continue to play the way it has since it lost to NC Central.

Hmmm…Jordan Vandenberg emerging and becoming an important part of NC State’s Basketball season? That sounds *vaguely* familiar. Oh yes, welcome to StateFansNation – please click here for a relevant preseason conversation.

That would be good news for a Wolfpack team that wouldn’t have a true center without Vandenberg. At 7’1?, he could be a formidable presence on defense and if he can exercise some will in the paint, he could be a scoring option that opposition defenses would have to take into account. That in turn would help prevent defenses from focusing completely on forwards like T.J. Warren, the player who will likely be the Wolfpack’s most consistent scoring threat whenever he is on the floor. In short, Vandenberg’s play could help his entire team be more effective.

That’s a lot of expectations, sure, and like all players he’s sure to have his ups and downs throughout the year, but if Jordan Vandenberg has more ups than downs in the upcoming hoops campaign, Wolfpack basketball will certainly benefit and will definitely surprise everyone who has low expectations for a team in transition.

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    I am convinced Vandy will keep making legit blocked shots but the ACC refs will only see fouls.



    In case you were wondering if Barry Jacobs is still a Hole-fluffing asshole…he calls us “xenophobic” for chanting “USA! USA!” at Henrik Rodl.

    For those without any reading comprehension skills…the answer is yes.



    I completely agree with Fastback68….the ACC refs will nullify anything he tries to do once ACC play starts. He will spend the majority of his time on the pine watching.
    Call me a sceptic but I will believe otherwise when I see it happen.



    ^This is my fear as well. In his three years on the court I am willing to bet you $100 that he has actually committed 50% of the fouls that have been called on him.

    We all know that the ACC reviews ‘tendencies’ and sees them even when they don’t exist. So, if the refs TEND to call fouls on Vandy, then they then expect him to foul more.



    That’s life in Swoffy’s ACC, that we passively decided to cast our lot with. The cabal gets what it pays for.

    I’m more worried re Frenchie Le Nard. He has such a knack for reaching into a scrum, cleanly grabbing the ball, and yanking it away.

    Against a blue, not only will that somehow be called a foul, we will be lucky if he isn’t hit with a flagrant and ejected. Then I will stroke out and need to be replaced on the SFN roster of authors.

    Looking at foose to succeed me. Make it so.



    I read this article this morning, and summary what is says is:

    - the Vandwagon was too passive to demand (meaning earn) his playing time when CJ and the boys were still in town
    - Duke and Maryland both had 7 footers that got it together in their last year in college, so of the Vandwagon doesn’t keep this up, it’s because Gott isn’t as good as K and G. Williams
    - The only reason we are play the Vandwagon now is because we really don’t have anyone else to play.

    I’m not saying I disagree, just summarizing.



    For JV the difference this year is he is actually moving. Not the shuck an jive but actually moving both on offense and defense. That bodes well with the new emphasis the stripes have called so far. In conference we shall see.



    All that has ever been necessary for that guy to be of value, was to be an active space eater.

    Apparently he has an appetite for more.



    To be completely fair, so far we’ve seen mostly ‘ACC’ refs in our games this season: Eades, Ayers, Jones, Natili, Dorsey, etc … and it’s worked out ok so far (Central game notwithstanding).

    What will be of keen interest is if the consistency and transparency continues.



    Here is how it works in the ACC for NCSU, refs let our bigs and shooters play until ACC games start, and even a little further in league play until we play one of the blues. Then comes the abrupt end to the style we’ve been developing and honing all along as PF’s pile up in the first half and we’re scrambling for a totally new game plan! What to do now? Not only do they cripple the team with foul trouble early, they destroy the style of play, momentum, and thus chemistry that has been evolving from game to game. All the while, the opposite is happening with the blues, where mysteriously their PFs come late in the game when they’re up by 15, and the refs need to call some stats-equalizing recip fouls. On paper it looks pretty square but it’s a leveraged win for the blues every time. Extrapolate that out over several loser seasons (ACC ranking) for us and you now cripple any chance of recruiting over one of the blues. Multiply that times the number of regular season, tournament, and national titles we’ve won over the last couple decades, and voila…swoffy mclovin acc ref freakin paradise baby! Cue the music.



    Fuck Barry Jacobs. That is all.




    F**k Barry Jacobs. F**k him and his hack writing sideways.

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