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    44rules: I am guessing that was the reason. There was rumor at the time that Avent might go as well. I think that Avent and that pitching coach went way back.

    I know this — when that pitching coach left Texas, they fell off the cliff. They have a program with that level of spending, facilities and history (best all time in college baseball) and they didn’t even make the tournament. He was good and we miss him.

    If we lost him due to not matching salary, then we kind of got what we deserve. That’s also what I’m talking about. Are we really committed to winning baseball? It doesn’t feel that way. If so, Avent’s fine with me.



    rye, I don’t think it’s a matter of being committed to baseball or not but more of a matter of football and basketball being priorities. It’s taking more and more money to keep up with football. I know that an upgraded medical facility and training room is in the works at the Murphy Center. Other upgrades are being planned.

    It all has to be budgeted. I’d like to see an indoor batting facility here at State.

    Off the subject a little but speaking of good coaches, our 2018 QB recruit is getting some of the best coaching available while at the Nike Elite 11 national camp. I saw some video of him and the #1 rated QB recruit committed to Clemson throwing. There may be a difference but I can’t see it — not implying that there isn’t one because I can’t see it. Our dude had the top score at the camp while being ranked #7. Measurements? 6-2, 200. The Clemson dude is 6-6.

    Oh, one other thing, he’s ‘recruiting’ O-linemen, receivers and TEs to come to State with him. 😉



    If they’re good then pile ’em on a bus and get ’em down here! I’ve heard some pretty good things about that QB too. His timing in coming to State will be perfect for an opportunity to start early in his career (red shirt included).

    Smarter than the average bear



    Dammut, Mr. Grey! This is Pack 9, solomente! Comprende?

    That said. What the Pack 9 could use are a few more 2 sporters showing up in Raleigh.

    Yes, I know. RW pretty much waxed that.



    I don’t think it’s a matter of being committed to baseball or not but more of a matter of football and basketball being priorities.

    It all has to be budgeted.

    Yep. That’s exactly my point. We’ve got bigger fish to fry in many ways.

    Football and men’s basketball are the engine for college athletics, and what open the wallets of the donors for other projects like baseball. We have to get those healthy first — football because it is the cash cow and basketball because we’s so under-performed for so long against the program’s inputs.

    If I were AD, I would look at the baseball program and think:
    – Bottom third to quarter in the league investment level
    – Top third to quarter in the league results
    – Stable coach, not going anywhere
    – Consistently getting me points in the AD’s cup
    – Seemingly no off the field issues
    – Supposedly good with the fans at the Wolfpack club events

    Check, time to move on………. Well, unless anyone has a large donation they’d like to make to better our facilities.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)

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