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    Did NC State fall victim (again) to a secret plot to keep a contender in the race?

    I know that no one on this website would surely believe there is a conspiracy against the Wolfpack. I mean, let’s not even think about the “fake injuries”, the Clemson game last year when Underwood was “out”, the no-call against Kendall Marshall on the “legal” shove against Alex Johnson at the end of the ACC Tournament semifinals, the technical against the Pack when the towel guys are wiping up the timeout area in the ACC Tournament against Maryland, the 1989 Corchiani “walking” call, etc. Oops.


    No, unfortunately NC State fell victim to poor tackling on FSU’s running back, playing against the best college wide receiver in the country, and a couple of costly turnovers late in the game.


    Yikes, a scathing article by Heather Dinich’s understudy, complete with a strawman argument (Dave Doeren points out issues that affected the game, ergo he MUST be a tinfoil hatter).

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.


    Gotta love rhetorical questions as counter points to arguments.


    You know Florida State wouldn’t fake an injury. They might claim a catch of a ball that hit the ground OR they might stretch the ball out to get a first down after they were down OR they might try to take the ball away from the opponent in a pile up OR they might steal crab legs OR they might sexually assault a woman, but do something as onerous as faking an injury to slow down a runaway offense and maybe get a timeout to enable the coaches to coach them up. But you know they wouldn’t ever, ever fake an injury, now would they, Jimbo? “I know nothing about any injury faking. All 11 of those boys were injured or thought they were.”


    Things you might not see on tv but will live at the game. #11 walked off the field like his nuts were in a vise. If you have to move that slow, you should be carried off. As soon as he got beyond the first row of FSU players, #11 took a hard right and walked the length of the bench at three times the speed. If a real injury, I would have expected him to collapse on the bench ASAP. I have not had a chance to watched the DVR version. I want to see if 11 came back in and I also want to recap holding during the wildcat. I wonder how many times FSU was flagged for holding vs Clemson.

    Conspiracy? Swofford will probably do anything for money and to keep the ACC intact.


    Mr. Dog… where forth art thou… cuz ???
    Help me out here….

    If I had a dollar plus interest (remember I am an old man now ) for every time I laid on a hardcourt for as long as they ( the other team, the zebras, who ever…) would let me in the fourth quarter of a close, fast paced game and then wandered – semi- dazed to the charity stripe…

    I could buy everybody in the TV room at SFN a cold beer… or better… I could just buy a keg and keep the change….

    IMO…This is just as a legitimate part of the game as anything else… as long as the rules so allow…

    Instead of fussing ’bout it…
    Jacoby and Coach DD should have rushed their guys back into the huddle for a little ‘conversation’…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I cheated better, Bill.

    I can’t tell ya how many times I drove the wing and banked a one hander while slapping my thigh with the off hand. Had to be in traffic,of course.

    The ol’ man taught me that one.

    In game, bending rules is fair.


    Hey Cuz…
    Yep… some rules bend like rubber bands… You can pay for half of that keg we’re buying.. or double or nothing …

    How about a game to eleven by ones… call your own foul… if we can’t get Dr. Wuffette to hold the whistle..idk…

    Just close your eyes and give yourself… 1 point each…
    (Points should not be counted if the Zebra’s actually called a foul on you for said event.. )

    1. Posted Up on the block and grabbed your defenders wrist somewhere around his waist with your off hand when you spun to the hole…

    2. Chicken wing-ed him the next time down low…

    3. Blocked out with your butt while moving backwards from the basket…

    4. When defending the post… grabbed your man shorts at the waist band…

    5. Again when defending the post… placed one foot heavily on the top of your man’s foot and did not trip him….

    6. When throwing the ball in bounds…Hit the man guarding you with the ball in the face…

    7. Facing your man from the wing… danced three steps or more after the ball left your hand and before it hit the floor on your first dribble..

    8. Discussed your personal knowledge regarding your man’s mom, sister or girlfriend while running the court…

    9. Discussed your personal knowledge regarding your man’s mom, sister or girlfriend while running the court… and did not lie…

    10. Made a $1 bet with a member of the cross town rival team on the game’s outcome…

    11. Hid in the lane behind a team mate and got him to raise his hand when you made the foul..

    Bonus 2pts — Played in a League tournament game with a real bad hangover… and scored just 2pts… two game winning freethrows with less than a minute to go…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Serious question: how does sports media choose which schools they cherry pick for this type of reporting? Ok, I get it that there were extenuating circumstances (coach speaking out, game attention, etc) but we’ve been singled out for “conspiracy” coverage before. Yes, we have conspiracy theorists in the fan base (I’ll occasionally hold that banner high, myself)…BUT so does every other fan base.

    Another example: consider last night’s late college game where Arizona upset Oregon. When Clemson loses a game they’re not supposed to, it’s called “Clemsoning” and it’s splashed across the media landscape in an UGLY way. But seriously, has Clemson’s history in this regard been significantly worse than Oregon’s? Why does Oregon get a pass? Why aren’t we all talking about “Oregon’ing” this morning?

    Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe other conspiracy minorities at other schools get called out as well and I just don’t see it? Maybe somebody, somewhere is actually talking about “Oregon’ing”?

    *EDIT*: LOL Nothing like doing the research after the post. Apparently there IS an urban definition for ‘oregoning’ that I was unaware of. But it doesn’t mean what I think it should mean….


    ’87…I gotta say…

    We are the best and the worst. Savvy media types love to push our buttons, ’cause we’re right on que.

    Didn’t used to be that way.
    I blame Beej.


    I thought coach D might have overplayed the situation but I also thought there was a lot of bending of the rules – and that happens in most every game. Props to coach D for raising the issue and also props for getting things back to the next game. This is an issue I think the rules committee should consider – exactly what they should recommend I have no idea but they should consider the impact pro and con.

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