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Pack1997: Just read your comment about Brian Gregory and I don’t agree with them. Gregory inherited a good Dayton program from Purnell. He took Purnell’s players and went back to the tournament in year one. After that, in seven more years, he went exactly one time. If Arch were inheriting a great program, wouldn’t they have been coming off of some tournament bids?

One good way to measure a mid-major coach is to look at their wins in conference. This reflects how they do against peer programs that typically have similar resources. Arch’s in conference wins have gone 9, 7, 10, 13. Gregory’s went 12, 10, 6 in his first three seasons.

Gregory’s tenure had a general downward trajectory including a losing record in conference the year he was hired by GT. I always thought GT made a really poor hire there.

Gregory was arguably the worst coach at Dayton in my lifetime. As it will stand at the end of this year, Arch will likely have done the second most of any coach at Dayton in my lifetime.