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BJD: We posted about the same time, but you and I see eye to eye on this one. Yow’s hitched her wagon to DD and Gott. She’s not firing either, particularly not Gott. She really can’t fire Gott given all the mess ups (publicly and privately) with her last bball search. I don’t want her hiring another men’s basketball coach either. If this year tanks and the real power brokers think that a change is inevitable, then they’ll need to move on her first.

I have a feeling that this season will be viewed as an aberration and that there will be a lot of hope about next year. We saw that save HWSNBN several times. You’ll see the staunch defenders coming out of the woodwork saying that Gott “deserves the chance to coach the #1 PG, which he recruited.” I think DSJ, Dorn and TH will be good enough to get us back in the tournament, so the whole thing will be viewed as “one bad year because Lacey left early and TH got hurt.”

I just think that’s really the likely plateau for this staff. They can get hot tournament time and maybe win a few games, but they’re not going to build this into a program consistently in the Top 25 all year. That’s the next step, and that’s the step that will be required to get the appropriate exposure and talent needed to push us over the top.

All the while, Arch will eventually get tired of waiting and take a high major job elsewhere. All it will take is one more tournament run (which they look poised to make this year), and he’s not going to be at Dayton. He’ll have guided the best 5 year tenure in the last 20-30 years for them. No way he’s sitting around turning down offers waiting for us to get rid of Yow and Gott. Florida was already really close to breaking our hearts last year:

Anyone with any juice in the Wolfpack Club ought to be making a lot of noise right now — and not about football. We’ve got a small window to get this done and get Archie in here.