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Having Barber gives us a chance to win many games we might not be expected to win. One of two of those just might get us into the Dance.

I don’t have any problems with the way the team is being run right now. The only thing I’d like to see is an occasional appearance by some of the better “bench players”, which would rest the starters a little and fire up the crowd.

My only gripe/concern about Barber especially after a game like last night is that he is getting hacked, knocked, bumped and whatever else you want to call it. We are 2 games in and I cannot imagine he can keep up the pace. Someone has to give him some help and relief. Twice late in the second half he got absolutely creamed going to the bucket, one was called the other not. Not too mention all of the hand slaps that Louisville was doing last night.

I am afraid now the blueprint to how to beat us in in place. Limit Cat with extraordinary pressure and foul ABU and Anya regularly and make them beat you in the beat and on the line. Pretty simple actually.