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Quick thoughts:
– I think apathy is starting to set in with the fanbase. I think most know “what we’ve Gott.”
– I argued the “future revenues from more ticket sales” model was a complete joke when it was trotted out 4 years ago.
– This team isn’t that good, but it’s probably more competitive than half of Lowe’s teams. Gott isn’t an awful coach like some are making him out to be.
– The roster issues are solely with the coaching staff. They’ve chosen not to use the full scholarship allotment and have had issues with player retention (particularly of contributors, not the guy at the end of the bench).
– Don’t insult the players.
– Cat’s gone at the end of the season. No way we sign DSJ if he didn’t know he was walking in to completely run the show.
– We’ll see another leave prematurely I believe. I suspect Abu is gone as well.
– The thing about the Martins is that they’re seemingly a package. For them to transfer, some school would have to be willing to take both. I always thought we were one of the few high majors willing to do that the first time.
– We shouldn’t have given the raise and extensions. A coach like Gott should be on a rolling year over year contract that is heavily incentive based.
– The timing of Gott, Yow and DD’s contracts line up too close for comfort.
– I’m trying to accept that Archie will never be the head man at NC State.