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We lost. The crowd was really sparse. It really shows how the “Big’s”….as in the DONORS will support the team. The lower middle sections are, I’ve been told, predominantly owned by Donors that write them off for business. These folks are not, sad to say, like the Donors that purchased the LTR’s in the Smith Center.

It is really disheartening to see the seats vacant at the start of the game. They eventually did start to fill up, but it really made a statement. The upper decks were pretty full. Even the Champions Club attendance was down. For a Ranked Conference game, the fans that complained are actually, by comparison WORSE (Suck More if you like) than the team.

The ONLY statistically relevant “superstition” index is Gott’s shirt color. He was casual with no tie and an open color dress white shirt.

The game was a typical one or one with Runs and Streaks. We let too many points get on the board and got down 16. Then we needed about 2 more minutes to pull it off. It DOES seem like our team is in much better shape than our opponents.

Pitino used 11 players last night….only 4 more than we did. At the end, we still had our legs and Louisville was running on 2 cylinders.

We made a mighty, but failed comeback. THAT is encouraging.

The OTHER point, not made here….The VT Hokies done destroyed the UVA Wahoo’s rankings. In CASE you did not see the game. Unranked VT, coming our their home win against us KNOCKED OFF the #4 UVA Hoo’s and it was like the Grinch stealing their Christmas. Admittedly, the Hokies did it at HOME….but our RPI clicked up a notch or two after they did that.

This is our TEAM…despite it’s warts and pimples. Cat tried to do a lot last night and was guarded heavily. Rowan and Martin also. Abu had a killer game. Even Anya and Freeman participated. Cody was solid on D, but a little sloppy with the ball. He frequently was asked to come over for more attention from Gott.

That is it.

Even SFN’s number of posts for a televised game against a ranked Conference opponent showed a Lack of SUPPORT and ATTENDANCE. I can NOT believe that there are less than 2 FULL pages of posts.

I guess everyone had to go to the DPAC or wash their hair or extricate the lint from their navel….