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VaWolf82, I normally agree with you, but not in this case. Couple changes in the landscape of college basketball–massive increases in college coaches pay in mid-majors and the ability to compete from those schools with the big boys–you no longer needing to run off to a “power” conference, particularly if you’re content and don’t even see it as that big of a challenge. The grass just ain’t always greener and the reward isn’t always worth the risk. Yow didn’t write a letter because NC State was viewed poorly or negatively. She wrote a letter because she tried to save face because media outlets all over the place were already announcing who’d turned us down. And she like letters. Hell, she’s more interactive and responsive than most AD’s. And she thought GW had somehow sabotaged the search, which is a crock. Comparing Fowler’s search with Yow’s isn’t really fair either, and that’s not an endorsement of the latter. My criticism of Yow on the past one was that she went for the fresh face, the rising star based on one tourney run, over a tried and true competitor and winner. I like Smart but that was a bad decision.